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hello …
just for the record, i have gotten the horrible rash thingy called HIVES
Don’t worry, i am not infectious!!

Taken from http://www.drgreene.com/21_1117.html

Hives Related concepts: Chronic Urticaria, Urticaria, Welts, Wheals


Hives can be quite uncomfortable. I remember getting hives after being stung by a jellyfish, and I couldn’t sleep without Benadryl for several nights. I also discovered that distraction can sometimes help with the itching. This is one situation where videos and kid’s cassettes might be a real boon. And don’t forget to add an extra hug or two.

What is it?

Hives are a sign that the whole body is experiencing a hypersensitivity reaction. Hives occur when the body’s capillaries and tiny veins get leaky. Fluid escaping from some of these blood vessels becomes trapped in parts of the skin and lining membranes of the body, causing localized swelling. This leakiness can be caused by classic allergic reactions in which histamine triggers an inflammatory response. It can also be caused by a number of other regulatory systems in the body in response to different types of triggers.The most common allergic triggers are drugs, especially antibiotics; foods, especially fish, shellfish, nuts, peanuts, eggs, berries, and food additives; infections (which we’ll discuss below); insect bites or stings; inhalants such as animal danders, pollens, and molds; and contact allergens like plant substances, skin creams, cat scratches, moth scales, or animal saliva.

There are also a number of distinct physical causes of hives (known as urticaria in doctor-speak):

Cold urticaria
the most common of the physical causes. These hives are triggered by exposure to cold water or air. This would be a good excuse to avoid swimming in cold pools (something my kids love for me to do).

hives that appear where the skin is firmly stroked. (Named because you can write on someone’s skin by raising welts where your finger traced). This occurs in about 5% of people (and many more if you repeatedly stroke hard enough).

Pressure urticaria
hives that appear under tightly fitting clothing or jewelry. Unlike dermatographia, which occurs in seconds, this can appear many hours later, obscuring the cause.

Cholinergic urticaria

hives that occur in response to heat, exercise, or emotional stress. This usually doesn’t begin before adolescence.

Aquagenic urticaria

hives that are triggered by contact with sweat or with water. In these people, exercise itself is not a trigger, and they can drink water without a problem.
Solar urticaria — a rare disorder in which sun exposure results in hives.
Sunscreen can help! I mentioned earlier that infections could trigger hives. We know that some parasites can be responsible for hives (including giardia and pinworms, which are common in day care settings). We also know that bacterial infections, most notably Strep, can be the culprit. Viruses of many types can trigger hives as well.Over 70 percent of the time no specific cause is found when children have hives. They were hypersensitive to something, but no one discovers what, and the hives go away. Doctors think that most of these unidentified cases may be from viruses, which would make them the most common cause of hives. This is particularly likely when there is a cluster of cases (although molds, animals, foods, parasites, etc. could also be responsible for clusters).

Who gets it?
About 20 percent of people will experience hives at some point in their lives. Those who have known allergies or a family history of allergies are more likely to get hives. All other things being equal, girls are more likely to get them than boys.

What are the symptoms?
Wheals or welts come and go on the skin or mucous membranes. These may itch intensely, itch only a little, or not itch at all. Each typically has a whitish, raised patch of skin surrounded by a reddish halo. The welts may be tiny or large, and may be all over the body or confined to one area.

Is it contagious?

Hives themselves are not contagious, but the triggers of hives, especially viruses, bacteria, and parasites, may be contagious.
How long does it last?
The individual welts often disappear quickly and are usually gone within 48 hours, although new ones may continue to appear for days or weeks. If new hives keep occurring for six weeks, this is called chronic Urticaria.

How is it diagnosed?

Usually hives can be diagnosed based on the history and physical examination. Sometimes specific allergy testing or testing for infection is needed to look for the underlying cause.Chronic urticaria is usually not serious, but can be a sign of an underlying disease process. Children with chronic hives should have a thorough physical exam and lab work just to be sure there are no underlying illnesses.

How is it treated?

Hives are usually treated with an antihistamine, such as Benadryl or the prescription Atarax. If drowsiness is a problem, one of the newer, non-sedating antihistamines may be a better choice. Sometimes antihistamines are coupled with a histamine H2 blocker, such as cimetidine, for a more powerful effect.A variety of stronger treatments are available, but are usually unnecessary. If there are other allergic symptoms, such as wheezing or tightening of the throat, then a shot of epinephrine may be needed.

How can it be prevented?

The best way to prevent another bout of hives is to identify your child’s triggers and avoid them. If you know in advance that your child will be exposed to a trigger, a preventive dose of antihistamine can prevent or minimize the hives.

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Here’s the birthday girl cutting her cake …

QQ’s looking at something while Pamela can’t get her eyes off the cake.
QQ’s hopeless at cutting the cake so Adrian comes to the rescue.
A bigger picture at the going-ons.

QQ starts to give out the goodies!!

Everybody loves cake!!

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more pictures of our gluttony


and obviously QQ drops some on the floor…

we are still standing around

Allan, David, Raymond and Sim enjoying the cake too!!

everybody just loves to hang out

QQ gives a cheesy grin

We decided to make QQ hunt for her present …

So the search begins …

I snigger to myself as i watch her squirm … Muhahahhahah ….

Pamela and Jojo (?) stand and watch …

Aloy sneeks an ugly picture of himself …

A picture of Damien and Xandrea is being disrupted by Raymond.sg

Everybody is just standing around with nothing to do

Damien, David, Raymond, Sim sititng around …

Yvonne, Sernwei, Raymond and QQ watching the tv i think

Adrian Sern adn me all looking in different directions

QQ attempting to hug Eileen who really really hates hugs …

Eileen looking sooooo happy … what a priceless shot

Adrian tries to sneek off with the phone while the others weren’t looking, think he was using Allan to block that … sneeky

Everybody then takes a group pic

Another cute one …

And a picture of the pple staying in that home …

Oh and if you all are wondering what happened to Adrian and the telephone … well, he was a happy boy (**yay**)

as he merrily carried it and hurriedly sped off in his car (sniggering to himself of course)


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QQ’s birthday

QQ’s Birthday
Little miss QianQian (who has recently moved out) celebrated her ________ birthday on the 29th of July. The gang went to The cheese cake shop at Subiaco to get her a mouth-watering cake and planned to surprise her at her place.

Sadly, Allan failed to notify us before walking her back and so, QQ walked smack into a roomful of people (namely us) who were just as surprised to see her as she was to see us. Well, things worked out in the end and we were all happy.

By the way, we caught some shots of Adrian making off with the retro telephone. (hehehehehhe)


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The BRACELET like NO other

Hello …

Secondly, I’m sorry for sounding like such a bimbo but this bracelet is to die for. **sigh**

Anyway, I miss my old friends (ie: the people mer usually puts in her blog).
Yesh, my old gang iz simply the bestest westest gurlies in the whole wideeeeeeeee wooorld.
**widens arms in one frantic gesture**

Ok … i’m back to being me again. tata for now toots …
Love yourselves and each other! (now stop rolling your eyes)



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Muah Chee


Hello!! there was one day that i was feeling a bit bored and so i decided to make some snack bites. Xandrea was having her house warming party and so i thought it might be good to try my hands at something asian and Yum, not to mention the fact that National Day is coming up.

So off I went to get some glutinous rice flour and peanut cookies (yes, i am the queen of shortcuts), grinded the peanuts and boiled the flour. It was quite ok and i am proud of my handiwork!! YAAAY …

Anyway, that’s all for now … tata

the Muah Chee i made … it was a tad too oily but this is only my first try!! The dough was ok though

another shot of the muah chee


looking good!!

… it wasn’t fantastic but it was pretty good! hehehehe

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