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After getting back from Penguin Island, we had lunch at Yoko’s restaurant at Kardinyap. After a nice Katsudon, we headed for K-mart. Then Baskin Robbins for some ice cream and our last stop was Blockbuster video store. I love looking at the different movies around because there are so many good movies just waiting to be watched. So many movies, so little time.

Oh well … we finally headed home at about 7, all tired out, weary from the battle with the gulls. Boy, what a day!!

**tired but wide grin**

After penguin Island, it was time for makan … we went to Kardinyap for Jap fare

I had Katsudon … I think it was good

Then to K-mart to relive our childhood days

but a nice day never ends without some good ice cream from Baskin Robbins …

And finally, home sweet home …


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Penguin Island

Sam, Loy and I went to Penguin Island today. We wanted to walk over but the tide was too high and the wind was making the current go all crazy so we opted for the safer ferry ride. The weather wasn’t so good today and it reminded me of when i was in Rottnest Island, all rain and wind. But luckily for us, the clouds cleared a little and it became a lot less cold.

We went for the penguin feeding and then decided to follow the tracks, walking to the beach, shores and round to the front again (the island wasn’t very big). The gulls were a horror. They had their nests around the pathtrails and so everytime someone walked round that area, they would get all agigtated and would start to hover on top of some poor soul, screaming their lungs out. While I was worried that one might peck my eyes out (a la Passion of Christ), Loy was more worried about them shitting on him. Sam was the cool one outta all of us. It was a funny sight to see us three being attacked by seagulls though. But we were seriously outnumbered. Argh …

Anyway … besides being cold and ambushed, i enjoyed myself …
Penguin Island is a nice place and the penguins are simply adorable. **waddlewaddle**

Actually we wanted to walk over but the tide was too high adn the current was too strong, so we took the ferry over

at the jetty

moving along

And we finally got to Penguin Island

We got to the enclosure and saw the many penguins squirming around. I think they are simply adorable. How cute …

We then started walking around the island and checking out the trails and the beach. Here, we start with the Pelicans

And gulls fighting

they are really fierce because their nests are around the place … here you can see the baby gulls

me hiding in a cove

the cave and check out the rocks

the sand thingies … i wonder what they’re called

you can see the gulls hovering above us


The cave again

more gulls

the gatekeeper

See the gulls hovering above … they are really really scary

See how clear the water is

Just a nice shell i found … its very unique

Leaving Penguin Island

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Our UniCrawl…


One evening, Sam, Loy and i (yeah who else …) felt restless and decided to check out the universities in Perth. So, off we went for dinner at MacDonald’s and then set off. Out first stop was Edith Cowan University, we drove about for awhile before heading for Curtin and lastly, Murdoch.

Curtin was HUUUGE and Murdoch had a canteen that looked like some food court. I am so envious. Oh well … because it was night time, i didn’t get to take many nice pictures. But here’s a few …

Sam & Loy with the car from Bayswater.

Having dinner at Macs before setting off

Whee … here we go …


And we visit planet videos for awhile

Back to the car where we search for directions before setting off

We reach the second stop. CURTIN UNIVERSITY … We passed ECU.

Trying to navigate our way thru the huuuge campus

Aimlessly walking about

Sam and Loy

Kopi for uncle Sam

The lecture theatres

a cool art display for the fine arts student in Curtin

One of the buildings

Cool looking corridors

The luscious interiors

This is how good it looks inside. Lucky Curtin business students …

Ooh … upcoming pasir malam … FOOD!!

So we head to Murdoch Uni …

Sam checks out the kiddy bike

Going up the stairs

Finally… the end of our uni crawl (as in pub crawl) … Check out our souvenirs!! heehee …

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While Sam, Loy and me were walking round K-mart today, we chanced upon a huge tennis ball and Loy starting screaming at me. After screaming back, i realised he was pointing at the exact same ball in the pictures Mers put up on her blog. i couldn’t resist poking fun at my mermer. Hahahahha … don’t mind me.


btw: I miss merleen and all my friends back home …

Here’s nice old Merleen posing with her huuuge tennis ball …

and the rip-off version

don’t blame me Merleen. I couldn’t resist. **grin**

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Beaches …


Sam, Loy and I decided to take a trip Northwards through the Western Australian Coastal region. Sam Sam rented a car and asked us along. We met at about 9am, I made some peanut butter sandwiches and bought the other snacks. Being the kiasu me, I also brought two 2L bottles + one 1.25L bottle of water. We started off at Fremantle’s Macdonalds.

From there, we drove up to Port, Leighton, Cottesloe, Swanbourne, city, Floreat, Scarborough, Trigg, North, Marmion, Sorrento before arriving at Hillarys boat harbour. I collected loads of shells at Scarborough beach and enjoyed the huge waves, not to mention the crabs lurking about. I got drenched by this tidal wave which Loy managed to dodge but I didn’t (obviously you know how slow I am).

I loved City beach more than anything else because its so secluded and beautiful. The waters were a clear blue, the weather was also almost perfect. It was nice and easy to hang out with Sam and Loy. It was part of the Indian ocean, which accounts for the beautiful blue waters. There were loads of other people around surfing or bodyboarding. I think it’s cool and great fun. At Hilary’s, we managed to see some fishermen with the huge fishes. One had the biggest eyes you could ever see. They were cute. We had subway for lunch before going for some ice cream at Cold Rock. Loy and I shared the chicken fillet sub and then the cookies and cream ice cream mixed with butterscotch brittle and snickers. It was so yummilicious. Absolutely divine. The only problem was that I was too full to eat too much so Loy finished most of it.

After getting out of the shades and surf shops, we headed down to Mullalloo but missed the stop and went on to burns beach, Mindarie Keys Marina, where I saw another mini Venice. The sight of the houses with the boats was nice and I loved it. Our last stop was Quinns Rock beach. It was so so. It was more like a residential spree than anything else. It was tiring but definitely good fun … I love the beaches!!

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Starting out at Fremantle beach. The waters are usually quite nice but it wasn’t very sunny then so it doesn’t look that nice here.

Arts buddies Sam and Loy posing

i like flowers that grow by rocks

Loy and Sammie walking along the pathway and leaving me behind when we got to Cottesloe beach …

them throwing stones to skim the water.

I love swings … i made Loy take a picture of me on one … heehee

Loy couldn’t resist a ride as well

So the two of us started swinging along. I was enjoying the scenery while Loy did some stunts. Sam felt like he was reliving his kindy teacher days.

I was caught trying the bendy rides … how unglam

I got in at last … while Loy swings away

and again

I loast my balance for a second while Loy is rocking away …

I decided it was time for the slides

It was Fuuuuuun …

While im preoccupied with the slides, Loy decides to give the rocky toy a go

Extreme stunt no 2

We got bored after awhile and decided to head along. This is a picture of SamSam driving …

And we get to City Beach … i love it because its really weally pure, quiet and nice!

Just some kid i found amusing

The waves … this isn’t a nice picture but oh well …

I tried to get a picture of the waves crashing on the shores …

A baywatch moment with our leads, Sam and Loy

There were 2 weird seagulls. One kept chasing and beaking (gull frenching i suppose) the other … love …

This is a picture of 2 girls and their dogs. You can see the blueness of the ocean. It was tres beautiful.

I love love love thuis picture. I think it does justice to the nice blueness of the ocean. Look at how lagoony the whole place looks. I also love the rocks and the moss growing …

Just another random picture

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Crabbies around

There were loads of crabs crawling about and i managed to get a close up of one

Body boarders around the place

Loy made me take a picture of the old guy sitting in this pit-like area, happily hidden away .

We went further Northwards panning the indian ocean

Sam and Loy hanging around

Ah yes

More waves (i know the pics suck but they are all i have) …

And we get to Scarborough beach … or what Sam calls “Vice city”
Alcohol + Resort + young boys and girls … u get the drift …

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