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Perth Royal show

hello …
these are a couple of photographs taken at the recent Perth Royal show.
There were soooo many cutesy kiddy rides and numerous other interesting shows and exhibits to look at. I bought a slurpy bottle, a few showbags and other yummy goodies. It felt really nice just walking around, squealing and hopping around like an excited little kid. I suppose there’s an inner kid in everyone of us and mine really surfaced while i was enjoying myself there.

I tried to win some biiiig stuffed toys but i wasn’t too good with the games and my friends weren’t exactly great either. Nonetheless, we got a few small soft toys.

The animal shows were good and i especially liked watching the pig races. You’ll be amazed at how fast those little creatures really are. Basically, after the “pop” from the gun, all you see are those pink curly tails of theirs as they race towards the finish line. The other animals were adorable too, especially the dog shows. Most of the puppies looked so smiley and contented that i really wanted to squeeze them like Elmyra does to Bugs & Babs.

Anyway, the best part of the show was obviously the fireworks. Splendid.
It’s been long since i had such a delightful day !!


the flying elephants


mini helicopters

mini aeroplanes for the kiddies

choose the ducks and win !!

the laughing clown game where i won a flower toy

Kiddie tracks

spinning teacups

mini ferris wheel

the funfilled alleyways

show bagsssssss

and more … check out the bart simpson one

the ghoulish range

the heritage trail

bouncy castle

the rodeo show

mousco circus – snippets of old circuses


groovy cars

ICE CREAMs **wide grin**

scouts and more

late afternoon shots

me and my huge sipper (I LOVE IT)

and now for the animals over there … beginning with the camel rides

and pony rides

some horses standing around

baby emus




piglets … how adorable

Pig races

check out the diving piggie

the doggie show




i’m a happy dog !!






and last of all, the bird show …

yesh i am real …


**pockpock** “get lost!!”

la la la …

“yes i know i’m famous … ”

and the last of the animal shots … a surprised duck …

the show was even more beautiful at night …

my gang …

food … *yum*

YAY **squeal**

QQ, Yvonne and me mesmerized by the beadwork …

the large ferris wheel … sigh …

And Lastly, everyone gathers for the firework display

It never disappoints

Ending with a BANG

I loved the show … sssooooooooo MUCH … **sighs in contentment**


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Spring Fest/Feast

Every spring, UWA’s International students soc celebrates a weekful of multi-cultural activities.

But everyone’s favourite event has got to be something called the “Spring fest/feast” whereby anyone can set up a stall ( a la pasir malam ) and serve up some yummy asian delights. It was held on Thursday 7th Oct and i was looking forward to it since gawd knows when. Anyway, i skipped dinner and stuffed myself with some of the yummy snacks like roti-john, takopachi, etc. There were just too many things to mention. Oh well …

Pam and Jojo at their Stall

Blurry shots of how the place looked

QianQian enjoys the food

Adrian’s friend, Adrian, WeiHao, Sernwei, Allan and Loy …

Adrian and Sernwei

Adrian wolfing down the chocolate strawberries

Sernwei and Loy

Tea eggs

Svlvy and her tea egg stall

Eileen and Chelsea

Bijia and Jamie

and lastly, Loy invades the pic of QQ tending to her stall.

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It was the mooncake festival on 28th September, a few weeks before.

Given the festive-ness of the occasion it was the perfect excuse for Sam, Loy and i to make some teppanyaki steam boat spread. I went to Woolsworth to get some foodies. I managed to get a pack of Chicken, seafood marinara, beef, pork and squid. Later on, I went to Northbridge and decided to wade my way through the place because I needed marinade. As I’m hopeless with directions and didn’t really know how to navigate, all I did was walk around and hope that I was going in the right direction. Surprisingly and luckily for me, I managed to get to Emma’s to get the Bunsen burner thingy, some tom Yam paste, yong tau foo and veggies. The boys didn’t really complain so i suppose it wasn’t too bad. Well, they better not complain too much because the goods were so darn heavy and having to stagger back the whole way by bus made it worst.

Once again, the boys were hooked on the playstation soccer game. Later i was hooked on the muppet’s party cruise game. OOOooh …

and lastly, we had some mooncakes. What a great way to commemorate the mooncake festival. I love festivals because they give you a reason to take time out and get together with your groupies. **big grin**

teriyaki chicken

Fresh Beef

Soya Pork

Black Pepper Beef

Abalone Mushrooms (also called Oyster mushrooms)

Fresh Veg

Fresh Chicken

Seafood Marinara Mix – Mussels, Salmon slices, Other fish slices, Sotong slices, Fish cubes, squid rings and 3 teeny prawns.

First we used the teppanyaki set to fry all the marinated meats and the mooshrooms.

And then switched to the tom yam base for all the fresh things … YUM


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Pizza and Sushi

A few days after Swan Valley,

Sam felt like having some of the heartily meaty Broadway Pizzas, and as usual, Loy is always ready for some of those bread and cheese things. Although i wasn’t exactly a huge fan of pizzas, i thought a pizza night might be fun. I also decided to make some simple teriyaki chicken sushi to bring over.

After the food, the boys played round after round of soccer while i lay curled up by the hot pink cushions and blankies. The amazing thing was that i slept through all the noise!! oh well … We went home in the morning and i must say i slept pretty well. heehee …

well … that’s all for now …

I made sushi.

Then off we went to Sam’s. We had shared 2 meaty Broadway Pizzas and washed it down with a bit of beer (for the boys) and the new Bailey’s Silde for me.

a close up to see just how hearty this pizza is

Yum Yum …

This is Bailey’s glide. The boys had some hoegaarden.

yummy, more like ice cream than an actual alcoholic drink.


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Disclaimer: the date doesn’t reflect the date went.

Hello again.

We managed another trip before SamSam returns the car. This time we went to the SWAN VALLEY. It was my second trip down but i did a couple of different things this time.

Anyway, for starters we went to Sandalford, which is practically the largest winery around there (that i know of). From there we were off to the infamous chocolate factory with the free samples, ample chocolates and yummy salespeople before getting all alcoholic at Lancaster.

However, the best part of the day was probably meeting who i’ll call Lambie the friendly Llama. Technically, he’s considered an “Apico” or something (we found out at the Perth Royal Show) but i’ll just not bother about that for now. Well, Lambie spotted us the moment we came out of the car and started running towards us. I have no idea whether its because of food or something but food seems readily available (ie:grass or something) for him. All the same, he’s adorable. He gave Loy a playful head butt (maybe a way of securing his mate) and Loy reciprocated by placing a flower on his fluffy head. Sam just stood around and giggled to himself while i poked Lambie’s fur to see how thick it was, and leaving holes on him where i poked (making him all dotty … heehee). Oh well … i miss him already.

After that, we spotted this golf course and headed down for it because of the mummy kangaroos. Dodging the shitpiles wasn’t in vain because we got pretty close to them. But that’s about it.

But to end it all, we had dinner at Sparrow’s. Apparently, its this very very famous Indonesian restaurant, which i hadn’t heard of earlier. It was fantastically delicious. We ordered a Lodeh, an ayam goreng, Ikan something which was basically a good sambal like rempah sauce over a crispy fish fillet and sambal sotong. It was served with Nasi kunning (wonder how many “n” there are) and more sambal. After polishing it off, we had chendol and chinchow for dessert. The chin chow was topped with bandung (ie:rose syrup) which enhanced the taste a lil. Pure heaven. I wish i heard of it earlier. Sigh … i loooooove it.

Well, that’s all to that day.

its springtime and the vines are alive again.

We were at Sandalford winery for free samples

Sam takes a rest

Out next stop was the chocolate factory for yummy chocolate samples …

there were endless rows of chocolate bags …


and rows of Jars too

I wonder if he’s for sample too **Purrrr**

a family enjoying a nice day at the swan valley

Loy enjoys the sun while Sam stays in the shade

I’m just sitting around and enjoying the breeze

The leftover fondue

Off to Lancaster wines for more samples

Poor Sam has to sit around again …

while Loy enjoys a nice cuppa

Afterwhich, we went to visit an old Friend of Sam’s … Lambie the Llama

Technically, he’s supposed to be called an “apico” or something like that but heck …

He has got to be the FRIENDLIEST Llama down here

Loy tenderly places a pretty wildflower as a token of his affections

We were then off to see the kangaroos … on a golf course

there were so many baby kangies in their mother’s pouch … (can’t remember what they’re called)

Loy lies hidden behind his superb camouflage

Lastly, onto what has to be my favourite meal in the WHOLE of Perth city … SPARROW’S indonesian restaurant … mmmmmmmmm

These don’t do justice to the great food. It was FANTASTIC!!! What a grrreat ending to a wonderful trip.

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