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Working at SBF

For everyone who doesn’t know. I got a job as a temporary admin person at Singapore Business Federation, ie: SBF. Basically i key stuff into the computer and check if its ok and stuff like that. The work isn’t really mind boggling but it sure is taxing.

But then again, my collegues and superiors are such a nice bunch i can’t believe how great it is working there. Though work gets a tad boring sometimes, we amuse ourselves by having little snacks, folding paper stars/cranes/roses or listening to the chipmunks cassette. Heehee …

During new year’s eve, a bunch of us went to NYDC for lunch because Denyse, and Syl were leaving. Even though i was pretty dazed (lack of sleep), i laughed so much listening to the tons of stories they were saying.

Life in the boring old office becomes quite bearable, if not fun because of my collegues.

This is how my little office area looks like … its cut away from the rest of the place and is filled with rubbishy stuff. And its also super duper cold in there.

my comp

putting the un-used paper to good use

things we do to keep ourselves occupied …

we had nuts to crack, chip to chew on, a walkman to listen to the chipmunks on and among other things, a smarties eeyore to poke fun at …

Auntie, Peishan and Chye Wah …


Sherman who kindly shared his murtabak with us

Mr Heng and Yvonne

Calvin (he who has weird giggles …) sits in the far left

Zhimin doing balloon twisting

Zhimin N a tired looking moi

Zhimin, Denyse and me again

Sergeant Boinkz, Slyvia N me

Denyse goes to the shoeshiner’s

Yvonne and Sylvia


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hello !!

Recently, Samantha came back from the very faraway land of Melbourne and Jolyn, the president of the extremely exclusive girlfriend club decided it was time to have a … reunion.

I mean … after all …. we girlies just haaaad to chat over the latest guccis and Diors **blinkblink**

It was a pity that LauLau couldn’t make it though or it would have been a total reunion of us 6 … But all the same, it was really really nice meeting up with my them. It was hard to get a word in because we were all giggling in high pitches and talking at the same time. I love my girlfriends.

Sam and me on the left

Marian and Shils

Jolyn, Marian and me

Sam comes in between

Sam and shils in their a-go-go shots

Jolyn suddenly looking real happy. Check out her new phone …

Jo and Marian

Another A-go-go shot (to match the B&W shot)

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Christmas cookout

We all went to Mer’s for the Christmas Potluck Party.

Played games, exchanged presents and hung out … sweet, simple and nice.
Nothing beats good company …

Merleen gave her room a reddish hue with red film gels


all of us and a timer camera … poor laulau was sick

jo shils and moi

us trying to act all sexy


my present from jolyn

Shils from LauLau

Jolyn’s new umby from mers

Mer’s top from Rach

Rach’s keychain from me

i luurve the miaomiao wallet

and finally


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Sreyh, Char, Clara, Lissie and moi met up for Christmas dinner and dessert. It was as nice homely gathering and we were at Ocko’s at CHIJMES. The food wasn’t too bad but we all agreed that most of the food looked better in the dark.

The desserts however after that were almost heavenly. Gifts were exchanged and it was nice to finally be able to catch up with them in time for the holidays. i’ve missed them …

a tired me arriving after work

under the weird light

Sreyh and Char

Sreyh Char and me

Char and clara


Omelette at Ocko’s or was it Octo

proof that it looked better in the dark

soft shell crab and escargot

Chocolate truffle

Mango something


Bon appetit

I love desserts !!


Breakfast at Tiffany’s …

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Dinner with Art Buds

On Sunday night ,

my uni arts buddies and i decided to meet up at Bobby Rubino’s for a quiet dinner. I kinda missed my Australia days and the people i hang out with at school. We all went back to our old lives when we returned, meeting up with our old gangs and catching up with family. Thus, it was really really nice to finally see them in sunny singapore.

Christmas season is drawing near and the sights in the city were amazing … actually they were just simple lights. All the same, i thought it was really really nice. Or maybe i’ve just grown to appreciate the sights of Singapore more after being away for so long.

Dinner at Bobby Rubino’s

Sijie and Loy

Sabbie and SamSam

My huge burger

Sijie’s refusal to take pictures

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The usual gang and i have finally chosen a day from our busy schedules to celebrate our long (and mostly belated) birthdays. Fortunately for me, my birthday wasn’t till a day later.

We chose to have it at Cafe Cartel because it kinda reminded us of our younger days (apart from the fact that pasta was something we could all agree on). After eating a hearty dinner, we starting piling our truckloads of presents onto the table and making each other guess who gave what. No one had a problem guessing which came from me because of my characteristically ugly wrappers. Don’t blame me because i usually get them from my mum. So, technically, the closer my friends, the uglier the wrappers, unless of course there were leftovers from whatever … heehehehehe.

It was nice exhanging gifts with one another, much to the surprised diners over there who must have thought we were a weird bunch. After opening and squealing over everything we got, it was finally time for us to call it a day. We all went home lugging big bundles of goodies behind us.

As we walked away in our different directions, i realised that birthdays were best spent with the loves of our lives. And even though it was a little late, it felt nice because we were all turning 20 together. But most of all, no matter how different our directions or how far off we go, we’ll always return to celebrate our birthdays … together.

loads of pressies

shils and jo checking out what Rachel is up to

LauLau and me

Rachel showing off her goodies

Shils and jo … a pretty picture

laulau and my goodies

merleen joins us

Merleen waving the card i made them

the precious moment duo decide to make their appearance

Rachel and merleen can’t resist him

And Rachel terrorises yet another kiddo


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BBQ at Sreyh’s

My JC girl buds and i had a BBQ at Sreyh’s place. We brought a few meat dishes and loads of marshmellows (a bbq is never complete without them).

The food prepared by Sreyh as super duper good as well … yum yum yum.

Sreyh said she was never going to invite us over again but her mother did. aahhahahahah … she was one traumatised individual.

Oh Sreyh is quite a cook as well you know, she made a yummy dish called HUMMUS. It was a hit! Seriously, we are ur guinea pigs after all.

Anyway, it was nice to hang out with all of them after sooooo long. We’ve all been so busy and ive been away. I missed them too! …

Clara and Sreyh start preparing the plates

Char, belle and Lissie

all of us … Char, Belle, Lissie, Me and Sreyh

our first attempts at the pit

losing crabsticks and a sausage to the charcoal

It tastes better than it looks

char and sreyh looking at Sreyh’s mum

are you thinking what i’m thinking ?

another set and garlic bread

Fire starters for our first almost DIY BBQ (we usually do the eating and leave the hard work to the boys … heehee)

how we lost some of the stuff

ok the veggie side was soooooo yummy.

sreyh’s grandparents

Lisi eyeing the mooshrooms

heated marshmallows and chocolate …. mmmm irresistable …

my filled mouth (looking terribly unglam of course)

char’s orgasmic look

Clara’s juicy mushroom

Sreyh’s grandparents

Hummus … erm … very nice …

going bollywood

me and char

marshy mellowies

clara and me

the love of sreyh’s life

a picture of the lovebirds

Charlotte couldn’t stand it any longer

Sreyh’s uncle mum and dad

all of us

the butter cake that clara was addicted to

peanut draw to see who gets what

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