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Raymond.HK’s leaving

Ok … HK is leaving Singapore and he’ll be missed **knowing grin** … haha


sandy, Adrian, David, Ray.HK, Sernwei, Chelsea, Me, Jiaye and Serene


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As HK is here, we’re all off to the Singapore Zoo’s infamous night safari to take a peek.
I loooved it.

And the Alligator loved me too as you will see later …

We were off to the Singapore zoo.

A cheetah i took w/o adjusting my cam

A sea turtle munching on its KangKong


The gang

the animal show

Sandy and Sernwei

Sern, Loy, Adrian, Allan and a blocked HK

the very memorable Alligator

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its day 2 of the Ray in Singapore week and i’m meeting the group of girls for dinner with Ray and his counterparts, Adrian and Damien. I missed hanging out with the girls and it was nice to have a reason to meet!

Adrian and Damien helping us take the pictures

We ordered looads of xiao long baos and all.

Eileen, HK, me, CHel Jiaye and Xandrea

CHel and me

Jiaye and Chel

A group picture that we begged the waitress to take us

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Ray has arrived!!

Raymond is in SINGAPORE!! Can you believe it?! Anyway. The old Currie Gang met up at Sernwei’s place for a night of Steamboat and yumyums. It was really a good reunion. Almost everyone went, even the long lost Jeanie!! Tis a pity Yvonne and QQ weren’t there.

But oh well. I hope Raymond has fun in Singapore!!

Everybody hanging out in Sernwei’s

Damien and Euro the dog

All of us … (L-R) Jeanie, Sernwei, Adrian, Allan, Ray.HK, Ray,sg, David, Damien, Andy and a sickly looking me in green.

the last picture for the night

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Chicken Pies !!

I always wanted to do it and now i finally got down to doing it …
Getting the recipe for it was hard though and i improvised on my own, so the skin wasn’t very flaky or anything as it ought to be. But i didn’t like flaky things so it was alright for me. It was quite a healthy pie too because i used Margarine for the crust.

For all those who are wondering, i made these babies from flour … it wasnt premade or anything.
So … for something that hasn’t be done before, it hasn’t turned out too bad. hehehehehehe
I was quite anxious initially because they looked like they were going ot break apart but they hardened and became quite crisp too. heehee … How nice.

i love my chicken pies … but the sad thing is that i don’t think anyone else would …
Sigh … oh well …

the chicken centre that i made. it looks a bit watery here but i didn’t scoop the wet parts … (if u get what i mean)

My first batch of chicken pies in the oven (note how my dad bought the white one … again)

My first batch … they come in 3 sizes, S=7cm , M=8cm, L=9cm in diameter …

Fortunately, though i feared them all breaking apart when they’re taken out, they came out nice and fine … YEAHAAAHAHAHAHAHAH

Beautiful … even close up … ehehehehhee

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