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Favourite Bed Accessory

Hello there,

I have been saddled with assignments and i think it’s driving me nuts. The thing is that whenever i do an essay assignment, there’s bound to be tons of paper sprewed all around my room and myself. Those papers would be filled with highlighter marks, weird pencil scribblings and little cutesy bug pics (when i get bored). Also, i have this habit of placing everything on my bed so as to deter me from going under my sheets and falling asleep.

So this time, as i was in the middle of doing my shakespeare at the movies essay, i glanced at my bed and this particular thought stuck me. That i had a nice double bed and my only accessory (other than my much loved bolster, blankets and pillows) is some of the books i’ll be referencing in my essay. Somehow, the thought of it strikes me as quite quirkily funny in some sense.

As a result, i started asking people on my msn what their favourite bed accessory was. Most of them regarded their blankets, stuffed toys and all as their ultimate fave accessory. But putting those aside, i’ll just like to dedicate this entry to the hottest new female accessory.

The Male.
Some of the luckiest women in the world have the luxury of owning this

while the majority of the others have this

There are others who make do with these (made up of sheets and blankets)

But you know something is wrong when all you have are these (a pic of my bed: hehehehehe)

As weird and nonsensical this may be, somehow, this entry summarises my position COMPLETELY. hehehehehehe …

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The weird thing is that I’m STILL not in any pain today. This is getting a bit weird. I’m just worried that the pain will start kicking in very soon then I’ll just be lying in bed crying to myself. sigh … worry worry worry.

On another note, I’m hungry and watching Allan gobble down his Mee Rebus while I struggled with my soup (drat those corn pieces) makes me feel worse. If that isn’t bad enough, thanks to David Rocco, who generously shared his recipes online, Loy made a really yummy Aglio Olio (yes the real thang, with crispy breadcrumbs and a parsley substitute too).

All those food … and I can’t have any of it, makes me so depressed. Yeah sure I can try to eat them but it takes too much of an effort to. On top of that, my gums start to be really sore after some movement so I’m trying to minimize moving it too much, that means I can’t really take any solids … Waaaaaah!

Oh me oh my, so poor, my life.

mee rebus from Malaysian Goumet

Allan tucking in *envy*

David Rocco’s Aglio Olio

Oh … this is a pic off the web of a new burger. It’s got eggs in between, cheese, bacon and steak … YUM

But i guess it’s just coffee ice cream for me (well its nice and i can’t complain)

Boo Hoo …


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