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Wonder Women

Its just off mother’s day season on 8th May and i didn’t get my mum a card because she said it was rather pointless. She wasn’t cold about it and i daresay we’re as close as honeybees but she didn’t want no card. I was a bit apprehensive at first, thinking about whether women or at least mothers meant what they said. But at the very end, i was just too lazy (and tired) to get myself to the postoffice to send a card.

Well, mother’s day in Australia is a highly rated affair where cafes, etc crowd with families meeting up and all. While peering into Barrett’s bread on my way home, i saw many mothers sitting together with their children, eating cake and drinking coffee. The one thing i realise about the AussieAsian gap is that because daughters in Asian families usually visit their “niang-jia” during weekends and all, their relationship with their own parents are usually quite tight knit. On the other hand, aussie parents tend to be left alone quite a bit after their children marry off and so mother’s day is quite a treat for them. Now, i’m not saying that this is completely true but assuming it is, we can account for the so called “lack of affection” in asian communites by saying that it’s really because we’re closer to our families in the first place, so cards, flowers and gifts aren’t important on mother’s day. Also, because we’re closer to them, we tend to get annoyed with them so much more easily.

But all the same, mother’s day is good because it gives women all around the world a reason to take time off their busy schedules to spend time with ones dear to them. I disagree with people who say “you better spend as much time with your elderly mother as possible because she isn’t going to be living for very long more”. Really, i do think it’s not the quantity of time but the quality of it that really counts. Also, while people may pass on, they are still immortalised in many ways, their presence still remain in photographs, videos and most important of all, memories. Their legacy would live on.

So, in this post mother’s day season, i want to pay tribute to mothers by saying that every mother is a “wonder woman” in her own right. Wonder woman began her debut in 1941 and has undergone numerous changes, designs changes, etc. She is such a household name with ther golden lasso and obviously nationalistic american suit. Apart from being real sexy, she’s also a fighter and keeper of justice. However, she wasn’t just out to keep peace but also to reform criminals and make them better people. Her mother is Queen Hippolyta of tha Amazons and she possesses a great deal of strength. Most of all, she is not afraid to fight for the things she believes in. Similarly, mothers possess the same amount of wonder in themselves, that they keep their families in check and see to everyone’s needs. Women, especially mothers can be really strong and fearsome when their families are in threat but most importantly, mothers, like wonder woman, will be a timeless icon forever because everyone has a mother, whether they believe so or not. In the same way, everyone can relate to wonder woman because they had known one … at some point in their lives.

Lets start with vintage WW

the transformation

The poster i bought (trust me she looks just as good up close)

and one i found really cool.


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