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Essays, Rain and Loy’s first Flash
Herrow everyone,

Nothing much is going on because i’m still busy researching and writing my essays.

On another note, my roomie has made his very first flash animation.
Just click the link below to watch it if you’re bored …
small version (how it was supposed to be made, or so he claims)
Bigger version (filling up the whole page)

Lastly, the weather getting a lil crazy over here. The weather report news i watched (didn’t plan on it) the other day was giving a gloomy forecast, rain and bellowing winds. Drats …

Don’t get me wrong, i love the nice windy, rainy days … but only if i’m indoors … sleeping that is.
eheheheheehehee …
the rain just isn’t very nice when ur outside, braving the cold cold wind and having the water droplets pattering down on you mercilessly.

argh … oh well … gotta get back to my readings now …
tata little people,
take care of yourselves and each other.


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wm recorder



For everyone who knows about the existence of this … (**erm** whaddya call it?) … computer program thingamagic, then just ignore this post.

But for the rest of us (aka … me!) who have been shrouded in darkness since cyberspace got fashionable, there’s actually a program which allows you to record all window and Real media player stuff off the net … just through the simple click of a button. Its really quite idiot free and easy peasy (trust me … i’m saying its easy and i don’t know a thang about compootiers whatsoever).

Ok here goes … just follow steps ABC …

you have to download this … click me

After which just run the setup into your own computer and it ought to just do everything for you. Now what you have is a demo version, limiting you to just two mins of recording (which means you can’t really do much yet aye).

However, there’s always a way out, thanks to those sneaky weaky people who help us with cracks serial numbers and codes … like this one here.

Just click on Applian TechnologiesWMRecorder9.0 and a serial code should emerge. Alternatively … just email me for the serial code and i’ll send one to you.

Now that you have full access you would have to just use something known as the “crack” (have no idea what this is for or anything but just know that you need to do this to get the wmr program to work properly) to patch the program properly.

To do that just do the following…

  1. go to a cracks download page … like this one
  2. Click on WM Recorder and WM VCR
  3. Download the box that comes up and click on the reel looking icon to do the patching

Just one thing to take note while patching and that is to make sure that your wmr program isn’t running if not it would have some error message.

Yeah thats it and now you can take those online songs/movies off the net and all (as long as its either windows media player or real player).

i hope the piracy people won’t come after me.

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Peter Greenaway


I’ve been so busy with essay preparation and stuff like that but in case anyone is ever interested, this is a link to

Peter Greenaway’s Transmediale 2003 lecture

It takes about 110 mins but it’s quite revolutionary where cinema is concerned (i think…)
Watch it if you are interested in Greenaway’s works or how cinema might evolve.

However, as much as i admire Greenaway’s works, i’m still hooked on cinema or television as it is right now.

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