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The Pines

My OLD home

My very first rented home was located at Unit 6/74 Broadway Road. For everyone who’s been keeping track, i’ve moved down the road, for those who had no idea, well, i took opportunity of my 3 week break to move to somewhere nicer.

Other than for Rae, i don’t think anyone else got to get a glimpse of old place at all. Well, luckily i managed to snap a few shots of the place before i got moving. Just a little aside, i specially tidied my room for the room pictures below so taking these pictures wasn’t that easy a task. The one thing i forgot to take any pictures of was my toilet but i substituted some of the “dark waters” stint ones that i had, so that’s the closest thing you’re gonna get to my awful and mouldy toilet.

Ok so here goes … in case you’re wondering, i’m not staying in those pretty cottages, this is actually the view from across my apartments. There are actually numerous other nicer houses around the area (which i’m too lazy to take picture off) but they are all weirdly located at that side of the road. Loy says Broadway road separates the Rich, who stay at the side you’re looking at right now and the poor poverty stricken Uni students who stay on my side of the road. I look across the road each day and wished i had some large veranda to lounge about. Given so, its no wonder that our place is called the Pines, as you can see from the second picture below (if you enlarge it that is).

The tree on the left is actually a pine tree but as mentioned before, it’s probably placed there to hide the true meaning of the apartment unit’s name. over on the right is something like a walkway to the apartments.
At the end of the walkway are these stairs that lead to the 3rd (where Sernwei, Allan & Adrian stays) or Ground levels.
This is the first thing you see as you enter the door. It’s actually Loy’s “room”. There’s his bed at the corner and on the right lies his study corner. If you look close enough you’ll see his mirror ball hanging from the ceiling. The balcony lies in the front so his “room” gets lots of sunshine all morning and afternoon.
This is the main door (the one you just entered). Towards the right, beside/behind those white things lies the kitchen and on the left, a dining set that came with the area. Don’t let the nice white cupboards deceive you into thinking those are some nice new cupboards because they’re just really old backless, cockroach infested rotting wood that have been given a coat of new paint and knobs. Buuut … they could be worse so i’m not complaining. The peachy blinds on the right is actually my kitchen window and the rolls on top of the cupboard are actually leftover carpet pieces.
This is the left side of my kitchen where i have a gas stove, a microwave, shelf space, the sink and snacks … heehee …
This is the right view of the kitchen with drying rack and condiments by the side. The thing the rice cooker is sitting on top of is my small fridge.

Well, next … Velcome to my room. That’s jolyn hearts hanging from above.

Some of the things hanging on my door. The reason why Elisha is on my door is because of something my grandmother told me. Apparently, my grandma has a cousin called Gracie, whose mother used to watch a lot of Betty Boop while she was pregnant (don’t ask me why Betty Boop, it was the 1930s!). As a result, Grand Auntie Gracie was blessed with the large eyes of Betty Boop as well. So, since i’m not yet 21 (hence a growing girl) i might just have a shot at looking a lil better and i can’t think of anyone i find more beautiful than this picture of Elisha (i didn’t want to bank my chances on poison ivy or nurse Betty).
Oh just one thing to mention, those Butterfiles on the door are now tattered and gone.
This is the door you just came through and it leads to the hall.
The door on the right is the toilet.
Next to the toilet is a full length mirror and the white thing on the right is the cupboard.
The cupboard continuing from above. By the way, I am aging and one of the numerous traits that come with this is the beginnings of Ah-Soh traits so i’m going to point out that I got this cupboard at a bargain price of $25. TWENTY FIVE DORRAS. That’s just so cheap!! ahahahah … there’s just something so gratifying about getting a discount.
Since i’ve started i might as well go on. You see that table … it’s selling at $49 at ikea. I got this almost new second hand one for just $10. And you see that white lamp there , it was the last one at K-mart, $10 only …
You can’t stop me now. You see that waste paper bin there, $1.99. Oh and the beanbag is the exact one you see at Ig’s Heaven for $194.50. I got this from Kmart for just $54 (ok i know this isn’t cheap but it was something i’ve always wanted). Guess what, my entire collection is worth the price of a pair of levi’s. Oh the thought of getting bargains is just so … well … aunties out there ought to empathise so i shan’t go on.
The door on the right is the door you came in.
Yeah adn this is the toilets. This was one of the 2 pictures i have of the toilet. It was really a “dark waters” stint with the shadow of Loy’s hand there (no this wasn’t something i caught on camera a la “fatal frame”). By the way, look at the mould build up at the sides of the toilets … eewl.

Looking back, there are 3 things i really miss about my old place that my new place, as nice as it is, cannot beat. Starting with …

Number 3
Seeing rainbows at my doorway.
Number 2
seeing what the seasons do to the ivy tree outside the window of my room.
But MOST of all Number 1
seeing OSKAR, my little mewey friend who says “miaow” everytime he sees me, who stops in his tracks and looks up at what i have to say, who paws our door either to get in or out, who acts all nice when he wants a drink or snack, who kay-pohs about our place, who hides under my bed, who’s camera shy and causes these blurry pics, yadda yadda yadda … (btw: you can see he’s gotten chubby)
I realise i’ll never get to see him hanging about my doorway ever again…
Gone. **sniff**

And i didn’t even get to say goodbye.

Maybe this is what really makes the pines the pines.


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My Lil “Critters”

Hello everyone, I’m back after being MIA for quite some time (no unfortunately i wasn’t going off forever). It’s really because I’ve moved two blocks down from my old house at 74 Broadway to … surprise surprise … 68 Broadway. Well, before you math freaks tell me thats really 3 blocks down, just let me add that 70 to 72 holds this huge (in aussie terms) block of apartments so it really just counts as one.

Yes so back to the topic … I spent my 3-week holiday moving things over, packing things in, cleaning up and setting up the technicalities (ie: phone, internet, rental agent, electricity bills). So now, everything’s done and i’m more or less all settled in for school. Well, so i wanted to take some pictures of my new home to show it off but i realised 2 things… that firstly, i haven’t put up the pictures of my old home (drats!! *mutters*) … yet. And so, i can’t really put up pictures of my new place… as yet. Nevermind about that, i’m sure no one’s really dying to see my new place anyway. But the second thing is, that i’ve never introduced the other inhabitants of my place (apart from my roomie of course). So, here goes …

I have 3 little bird hanging on my doorway, but it’s dark outside now and i’m too lazy to take a picture of them so i’ll just show you their siblings … their names are actually Willy, Wally and Wanda. However … horrid Adrian told everyone who saw them that their names were Willy, Wedgie and Wanker. Sadly, everyone remembers them by their second names.

I was thinking about how to introduce my little friends and i think the best alternative to a haphazard random order would be by going in order of size. So folks, meet the XS(s). Ie: My extra small ones …

buzzbuzz, herrow, Narmow (nasal passages get in the way), Squeak, quack

Buzy wants his 2 seconds of fame. Well, so meet Buzy the bee, he’s looking a little dirty. He’s only boarding in with us at the moment and his rightful owner is coming to pick him up real soon. But, we do take rather good care of him (in case the owner is reading this).
Next is ducky. I really ought to name him something better but i’m not particularly good at it so it’s been 4 or 5 years and ducky is still … well … ducky i suppose. So, Ducky was given to me by Denise for my 15th Birthday (i hope it was really the 15th Birthday, Don’t kill me LauLau).
Up next is the very famous Aquinas. I actually do have some glamour shots of hims somewhere about in the computer but i don’t want the rest of them to complain about how he gets to look good while they all either look frumpy, fat or uncute. So … i had to be fair and picture him in the same setting as the others. Anyway Aquinas originates from Ikea. There are many more of his kind around but he’s real special because he’s always going missing. **squeaksqueak** (translates to “snigger: heehee” You’ll pay for it quiney!!). Loy and i had to search through the whole house (the old one that is) trice before we found him either stuck between my suitcase and the bed, hiding in my PJs, squashed between the corner of my double bed and the wall or on the floor somewhere. After the 4th time (and mind you that was the exam period) i decided enough was enough and banished him to the corner of the inside of my pillowcase. He’s never been lost thereafter … but … he gotten a little lonely, so i took Duckie out of the cupboard, adoped Buzy (yes like an exchange program) and got him two other friends …

So, yes these were the two others i adopted. They seem alright and the Smallies do get along quite well with one another though they don’t really communicate on the same level. The world ought to take a lesson or two from these critters (but that’s only in their opinion of course).
So if you’re wondering what the Smallies do in their free time, take a look at this, one of their favourite toys is the merry-go-round, also known as my 25 piece cd-r recordings of different movies (ps: the one on the top is where i’ve gotten to in my conquer-star-wars-campaign, Episode 6: Return of the Jedi … so that’s two more to go).

But as demostrated by elle and monk (heehee), speeding can be quite dangerous …

Ok so we’re done with the XS(s) so lets meet the S(s). The critter below is supposedly a little duck, but i can’t well call him Duckie Snr can i? So well, because of his big beak, Loy says it’s more like a pelican (which we see pretty often over here). But i’ll get round to naming him really soon. He’s actually a little gift from Rachel. Awww … RaeRae …
The second and last member of the Small gang is Frump. Sadly, he’s actually just bunking in with us for the time being. But i really like him/her because he/she plops around and rolls off anything hilly, like my bed for instance. This kinda reminds me of this

(Mindy sits in front of telly watching Big Brother with her legs bend upwards, hugging her thighs and resting her chin on her knees)
Loy: Mindy you better not sit near the edge of any cliff.
Min: (looks up) **innocently** hmmm?? … **warily** Whhhhy?
(Loy pokes mindy’s shoulder, causing her to lose her balance momentarily and fall onto the sides, after all she was hugging her legs … )
Min: Hh-eeeey **plop**
Loy: Because that just might happen …
Min: Grrrrrrr

Ps: By the way, he/she is a dog who kinda got overfed.

But i’m really fond of Frump and i love cradling her around. Look at her, isn’t he/she a sweetie? He’s/She’s the best natured one one so far.

Up next is the Medium category. Let’s start with a little Kitty. She was given to me as a farewell present by my collegue. I like calling her Mini-me but Loy cringes every time i do that. But she is a mini version of everybody’s favourite scamp below.
OSKAR!!!!! He’s always so adorable!!! I’ll put up more pictures of him soon. It’s winter time and he’s gotten fatter so he’s much cuter now. All chubby and scaredy of anything non-cat. He’s particularly afraid of the red fire extinguisher outside my house and looks at it warily as he inches as far away from it as he can go.However, he’s quite naughty when it comes to the 3 cats next door. He’s always going over, perching at the stone fence, looking in kay-poh-ly, flipping his tail up and down before picking a fight. But once, while he was in the middle of taunting the poor uns, the owner of the cats there came home and at once, Oskar was in his best behaviour, mewing sweetly and rubbing himself all over her, while the other cats hissed and spat in disgust. Eventually, the owner of the other cats gave him some nibbles and he was off, sneering at the other cats.

Next in category M is my forever friend bear. She’s so sweet, has her own little pink tee-shirt to match her pink ears and paws. She was given to me by one of my mother’s collegue buddy.

The last of category M would of course be Sacks … often misheard as Sex of course but oh well.
This is one of his glamour shots. I’mtryingtotypethisasfastasIcan so that the rest don’t realize that he’s got a better shot of himself than them and make noise about it. But the problem was that it’s winter and he’s caved himself in by the corner under Loy’s pillow and so i couldn’t get him to come out to take a picture. I didn’t want to wake him and cause him to growl about bad temperedly. After all, he’s just a little baby bear who thinks he’s at the top of the food chain. Someday i’ll tell him about a certain chinese delicacy but i’ll leave him be for the time being.

There’s only one member of the L category, which of course is … Alffie. He’s been a constant companion to me. I bought him for $2 at some flea market, where he was asked to perform weird stunts with his trunk (the people there thought he was quite a prodigy but the took one look at his eyes and decided he was probably more of a freak). I washed Alf but accidentally burnt his butt. The scar still remains and i still feel bad about it but Alffie sits on it pretending it never happened. How nice of him. For that i’m willing to endure the my friends’ jokes about how i use his trunk for “other” purposes.

Last but not least in the XL category comes Smoochie Poops, given to me by my gang (rae.mer.shils.Jo.Lau) when i was leaving for Australia to study. Although he’s the biggest the rest of them critters bully him constantly. Loy enjoys ganging up with them too. Together, they laugh at his name, poke him and throw him around. I, on the other hand, love him to bits. I personally feel that the others are a little jealous because Smoochie is always on my bed and he gets to go to any place he wants but the rest of them don’t get round often.
Well, that is the end of the critters. Some of the other residents of my place also get to hog the spotlight for a bit. First up is Thomas the truck. This is one of his glamour shots because he’s currently hanging rumbling about somewhere i haven’t got to searching for him.

I’ve also got some of Springfield’s finest with me on my kitchen window…
Some of these critters earn their keep and first up is a lil dog used as a hand towel.

This ironing board is now used as a makeshift memo holder so that the little whale, tortoise and dog magnets can get along as they please.

These are hung above my sofa set (yes i’ve got a huge and terribly comfy one now). From L to R, the wind thingy, my flower from the Royal Perth Show last year and the Singapore flag given by our friend in the Singapore students society during national day.

The thingies on the light switch below were recently given to Loy & me by Sam & Sabbie from their KL trip. Ooh and a special thank you to Sabbie for the YUMMY pineapple tarts. We lurved them and had to control every mouthful so it lasted for … erm … 3 3/4 days.

Another member who earns his keep is my Kerope (dunno how to spell) frog nightlight.

A recent member who took over the position of my butterflies (now tattered and gone, these creatures don’t last too long do they…) is a meowy cat hairtie from Bang on the Door. Most people overlook these poor things. They’re quite functional because they keep the door sign in place.

Last of the group is the newest member of the family, Zapp the Zebra. He’s home is the sofa and he’s used as a back cushion or as a neck rest most of the time.

So well, thats all of them for now. At least that’s one thing out of the way. I’ll try to put up pictures of my home soon. Bubbye for now. The critters wants me to end off with this message “take care of yourselves and each other” …

Disclaimer specially for shizue: “critter” is actually defined as “a living creature” but it’s appropriate in this context isn’t it? heehee …

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Every year, UWA holds this major book sale called “save-the-children” bookfair. These charity organisations collect books donated from all places (second hand bookshops, uni book shops, or people) and they sell them at at Winthrop hall for just a fraction of the price. I went crazy this year and went everyday (as they have new stock all the time). I bought the many books i’ve always drooled ober but didn’t buy because it was expensive and i feel absolutely content.

Aaaahhh… hehehehhe.

This is the dodgy book sale sign

The entire placed was jammed pack because everyone loves a good discount.

Here’s loy carrying some of my books for me and reading his catch-22.

Lastly, here are the titles of the books i bought this year.

Dream of Red Mansions volume 1 & 2
Snow Falling on Cedars (David Guterson)
Life and Death in Shanghai (Nien Cheng)
The Hundred Secret Senses (Amy Tan)
The Mayor of Casterbridge (Thomas Hardy)
Adele (Emma Tenant)
The Good Earth (Pearl S. Buck)
Paradise Lost (Milton)
The Bride stripped Bare (anon)
Misreadings (Umberto Eco)
The Name of the Rose (Umberto Eco)
Six Yuan Plays
The Five People you Meet in Heaven (Mitch Albom)
Tuesdays with Morrie (Mitch Albom)
Silas Marner (George Eliot)
By the River Piedra I sat down and Wept (Paulo Coelho)
The Alchemist (Paulo Coelho)
Adrian Mole, the cappuccino years (Sue Townsend
Angela’s Ashes (Frank McCourt)
Sexing the Cherry (Jeanette Winterson)
Across the Nightingale Floor (Lian Hearn)
Oscar and Lucinda (Peter Carey)
Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress (Dai Sijie)
Frankenstein (Mary Shelley)
Nights at the Circus (Angela Carter)
Beloved (Toni Morrison)
The English Patient (Michael Ondaatje)
The Nanny Diaries
Howard’s End (E. M. Forster)
A Room with a View (E. M. Forster)
Like Water for Chocolate (Laura Esquivel)
Five Quarters of the Orange (Joanne Harris)
Falling Leaves (Adeline Yen Mah)
Child Loving (Kincaid)
Possession (A.S. Byatt)
The sexual occupation of Japan (Richard Setlowe)
The Potato Factory (Bryce Courtney)
Of Human Bondage (W. Somerset Maugham)
The Beach (Alex Garland)
The Horse Whisperer (Nicholas Evans)

And two videos too ….

WWF 4th Annual Survivor Series
Jean Cocteau’s Beauty and the Beast

Yesh i know thats quite a loooot. Hoothoot.

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