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I am having an accident prone day, especially so around my head region. Its been such a long time since i last bumped my head … thaaat hard. The first happened somewhat like that you see below.

Disclaimer: Drawings done by Loy so i am not painted in a very flattering light.

The black thingy is my 2 tier refridgerator.
As i was bending upwards (after taking my jar of habi hiam to spread with bread), i bumped my head HARD against the top of the lower tier refrigerator compartment. Because the bump was at such an intensity, i fell backwards … like a pinball, arms flailing and all … smack onto the back of the bar top counter. I swear i could see stars for a moment before i came out of my daze and realised what had happened. Omigosh my home is a dangerous place i tell you.
The fridge is supposedly saying “haha”.
awhile later…

So there i am, sitting about in a daze before the pain hit me and i started whining & whinging.

Loy of course couldn’t really be bothered (even though he heard 2 thuds and my pitiful whines). But sooner or later he had to come out (to get some water). But of couse, he just left me as i was.

Gee … i have such a caring housemate.

Anyway, while accident 1 (the one i just talked about) involved the top and back of my head, accident 2 bonked me on the left and right hemispheres.

So there i was … whining to sam and sab about the huuuuge accident which took place in the morning while getting into the car. Somehow, the morning’s accident rendered me slightly bruised and i fear having lost my perception of depth. Becaaause … somehow being the klutz that i was, ( getting up the left side at the back seat of the car) i rammed the right side of my head on the top. As if that wasn’t bad enough, because i had rammed it at such a great impact, my head bounced back from the right and i hit the left side of my head on the door of the car.

WHAT THE??!! … You see what i mean about hurting my poor head?

Anyway, my whole head’s bruised and unhappy right now.
GAH … Oh me Oh my So poor my life.


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Sam, Sab Loy and me took opportunity of the good weather to hang out at the beaches. Since there were sooooo many pictures the last time, i didn’t bother taking many pictures this time.
And lastly, though my blog is supposed to be kiddie friendly, I couldn’t resist putting this up.
That’s supposed to be Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter. If you look closely, the side of the van has the word “crikey” on it. How appropriate. hurhurhur.


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Short forms

The world is a crazy crazy place i tell ya.

It’s 9.30pm at the library now and the samsab duo would be picking me up for supper later so i can hardly wait!!! heheheh … well, so there i was stoning away, playing with the new hedgehog at bunnylabs when a japanese girl and a guy who was carrying an absolutely smallish bag came along. Since jappy girl wasn’t carrying anything and the guy didn’t look gayish, my absolutely wonderful powers of deduction told me he was probably her boyfriend. Yeah laugh away but you try sitting around in an absolutely quiet library with nothing particularly useful to do.

Well, so the point is that she asked me if i could search for her architecture lecturer’s (named “Bill Busfield”) email. So i tried looking it up on the Library system and the search returned these …
Samantha Busfield
William Federick Busfield
So, i showed the results to girlie and she said she didn’t think Blinky Bill was within the two choices. So … i was like “that’s bizarre because every single lecturer in UWA usually has a library account”. Afterwhich, i tried seaching for it through the alva (Architecture Landscape and Visual Arts) website and he wasn’t there either. William Federick Busfield was there though. So i gave up and told her i couldnt find it and so off she went (happily of course because i am a nice librarian … hurhur).

So i was still puzzled over the going-ons as she left (since there still wasn’t anything in particular to do) and at that moment, David my colleague emerged from somewhere. So i asked him (since he was in architecture) whether he knew a “Bill Busfield” around and he said “Bill” was usually short for “William”, to which i looked at him utter shock and disbelief (i thought he was joking). So i asked “are you sure?” and he’s like “yeah, Bill’s always short for William” to which i said “Isn’t Will short for William” and he said “yeah (getting a tad surprised at how amazed i was), but Bill’s short for William too, just like John is short for Jack”. I was still amazed though, i mean think about it. Then Mindy could be short for Minz, Min, indy,, Mill, Mol … actually … it could be anything!!! GAH (tribute to Mr Goon).

Then it dawned on me that i was a linguistics major (yes mer, rae, shils, jo and lau, thats my other major, i can’t believe none of you can ever remember!). So, like any good linguist, there must be a posit-able [a neologism (=making new words) here of course] linguisitic reason for that shortening. I mean, think about it, Will William, makes sense … Minz Mindy, yuppydoo … But Bill from Will?

So then i mused over the great linguistics god John Henderson and his pearls of wisdom regarding phonetic streams. And … (taaaa daaaa) … lo and behold, i saw the light. The concept is pretty simple.

William -> Will -> Bill
So lets see … William to Will, perfectly understandable normal shortening of morphemes (something like syllables) isn’t it. Ok … now going from w to b … it’s really an easy explanation. Both w and b are labials in lingospeak, which simply means they are sounds that involve movement in the lips.

[w] represents something that is labialised (using lips) and though it’s not offically recognised as one of the sound symbols, many dictionaries use it as the prototype phonetic symbol for all the little phonemes in “where, which, wet, what, w..” (you don’t have to understand this).

[b] is a voiced bilabial plosive. In simple terms that means it’s voiced (ie: compare with [p]), involves both lips (hence, bi=two, labial=lips therefore bilabial=two lips) and it’s a stop = plosive, which just means that the airflow is blocked in the glottis (think of this as the flappy bits in the wind pipe) completely.

Well, so now we see in summary, that the main reason for the change was really that both w and b were enunciated using the lips. But try pronuncing [w] in slow mo and take note of where your tongue is. Chances are that your tongue is stuck somewhere in midair, and pulled back at a weird, tiring angle. So human beings being the “lazy bastards” (I’m not being vulgar, this is a quote from the great Linguistics god John) that we are, decided that it was much easier to use [b] instead because while the tongue is still in midair, its not being pulled back or tugged at. Which makes it really easy to say. Hence, the [b] is favoured over the [w] when accompanied with …ill.
so lets repeat this … Will … to … Bill … which is easier??
ahahahaha … makes sense??!!
Anyway, if you still don’t buy my lengthy explanation over Bill and Will, just take this one instead. The guy’s surname is “Busfield” …

Will Busfield
Bill Busfield

Which sounds nicer? … Like my colleague David concluded, “there’s more of a ring to it isn’t there?”. And i think thats something we can all agree on …

And so, as i was saying … the world’s a crazy place!

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Control+C warning


Merleen sent me a warning about control+C this morning. I thought it was pretty interesting.

Dear frens

We do copy various data by Ctrl+c for pasting elsewhere. This copied data is stored in clipboard and is accessible from the net by a combination of Java scripts and ASP. Do not keep sensitive data (like credit card numbers, bank login/ passwords, PIN, date of births, etc.) in the clipboard while surfing the web. Instead make a practice of typing them always. It is extremely easy to extract the text stored in the clipboard to steal your sensitive information.

Just try this,
1) Copy any text by Ctrl+c

2) Now, click the Link:


3) You will see the SAME text you copied is accessed by this web page.

Please note the above information.
p.s. only vulnerable to IE users. =P

Oh well … even if this isn’t true, we might as well take the necessary precautions.

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Yet another group of people are leaving again. Watching your friends leave is always a bitter sweet experience. On one hand, you’re happy that they’ve finally graduated and can move on to greener pastures but at the same time, you realise that you’ll never be able so see them as often as you used to and that’s quite a sad thought.

Xandrea’s and QQ’s convo were held on Mon and Tues respectively but i couldn’t go for either because of work but i managed to go on thurs, for Yvonne’s, Allan’s and Sim’s. I met some of them for cakes and coffee on Wednesday night though because Xandrea was going back to Singapore the next day.

So first up is QQ and her cousin from Sydney who came to see her convocation.

Xandrea, Damien and Sernwei.

David and Adrian

Yvonne and Me

And then came Thurs Night convocations …
Allan and me

me, Debs, Bon, Allan, Damien, Adrian and David

QQ and Bon.

us three together for almost the last time in Uni.

Yvonne and Me

Sim’s girlfriend, Sandy, Yvonne, Sim, Victor and Sernwei.

Me and Sim. No i did not give him flowers.

Adrian and Sim

Yvonne and Aloy (who rushed over after the Italian play)

QQ and Loy

Allan and Loy (a blurry one but it’s the only one)

Though i don’t see them all the time during sem, it was always nice to know that they’re close by. Things are going to get a lot more lonely when they’re no longer hopping along nearby.

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Magazines in my Life

Recently, i caught sight of the Aug 05 issue of Singapore’s renowned Her World Mag. Scampering through the pages, smelling the smell of printed magazine paper and looking at the pictures reminded me of how i used to spend my rainy weekends in Singapore. I would just loll around in bed, with a nice cuppa earl grey on the dresser and a stack of magazines beside me. Everything was comfy and the skies were the perfect colour of beauty and serenity. The storm bellowing outside simply made the whole afteroon even more enjoyable, the breeze was cool and it was always nice thinking about how warm you were in bed.

so there i was (still enjoying a cup of earl grey) as i recalled how my relationship with magazines all begin. So heres a short visual history of the mags in my life (at least the ones i remember reading).

As i was a young girl, one of the first magazines i was almost addicted to was Young Generation. I loved Constable Acai and gang. Everything in there was absoultely cool and my mum was nice enough to feed my addiction by buying it for me from the nearby EPB (the popular bookshop of the 1990s). Another mag i read whenever i went to Times (the borders/Kino of the 1990s) was Disney’s adventures. They had the lastest on the disney sphere and i wanted to be part of that world …

Then of course, i grew up and reached the adolescent days of Secondary school. There, under the influence of my friends, i started reading teenage and teens. While teenage became quite a hit with me, i didn’t really like the things in teens but i read them whenever possible anyway.

At the same time, my friends started reading the mainstream music magazines like Lime and smash hits (i still remember the first issue of Lime coming out). So, i would occassionally glance through these but i don’t remember buying many issues. It was always the odd one (due to some cute singer, etc). I was never that big on music.

At the same time, i was quite loyal to 8 days, not because it was cool or nice but mainly because of it’s useful summaries of the channel 8 dramas and perhaps the Jason Hahn columnist. My mother on the other hand stuck by i weekly and when you zhou kan came out, she bought those too. Those two mags always had the most number of scribblings and underlinings because i couldn’t read chinese very well (the chinese standard in those mags aren’t easy peasy). Yet, the synopsis in drama serials in these chinese mags were always tons more informative … so i didn’t have much of a choice but to get through it word by word, underlining the stuff i didn’t get and asking Mommy to translate it to english for me.

Mom also bought Her world and cleo depending on her mood. But as i got older, i became so addicted to it that i made sure she bought these every month (so that i didn’t have to waste my pocket money buying them … hehehehe).

Once in awhile, she would buy Women’s weekly too.

But as i came to australia, i became more open to the likes of Girlfriend and Cosmo. I luuurved those.

But of couse, depending on issue, my mum sometimes bought these as well.

But Mom was ALWAY obsessed with these. I’m telling you, i had soooo many issues of these.
Not that i didn’t enjoy reading them of course … *hehehehe

I don’t particularly like these but i do read them if i get the chance to (mainly hairdresser shops or houses of friends).

However, i do luuuuurve these …

and this is a mag i always wanted to start reading but up to now, i am ashamed to admit that I haven’t read a single issue of MAD … yet.

I was forced to read these at school but it took me 21 years to figure that i still didn’t like reading these. You see, when i was younger, i thought it was something that took a lil getting used to. Plus, you tell your friends your weekly dose of reading included “time”, “newsweek” etc and that was enough to make you a smartass. So of course, i really tried very hard to like these, in fact, i’ve tried for 7 years now but i still don’t enjoy them (are they even supposed to be enjoyable?).

And i’m sure this would come as a shocker… Yesh, Reader’s digest makes it to my hate list too. Hahahaha … it’s quite ironic considering that my mother used to subscribe to this and Shilsy Wilsy and gang love this to bits. Still, now’s as good a time as any for admitting it.

Gosh i sound like such an airhead. But oh well …

Lastly, a paradox puz:
Why is it that the most trashy mags in singapore seem to receive the least censorship?

and just for fun … Korea’s film Festival … Pusan.

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Hammie adventure

I was researching on my shakespeare essay when i came across these …

A Hamlet online game & the website of the creator.
He has some cool articles you can look at here. I think the “Why i Hate Comic Sans MS” one is pretty cute. His webby’s here.

Next comes some lines from Hammie …

Shakespeare was indeed a naughty little bugger. References to porn, more or less subtle, are found in all of his works. But what greater work than Hamlet!

Right at the start, Shakespeare comes off with a resounding innuendo:

         What, is Horatio there?
HORATIO:  A piece of him.

I, i, 18

Then things get right steamy, with Ophelia‘s decription of sex in the closet:

OPHELIA:  My lord, as I was sewing in my closet,
          Lord Hamlet, with his doublet all unbraced;
          No hat upon his head; his stockings foul'd,
          Ungarter'd, and down-gyved to his ankle;
          Pale as his shirt; his knees knocking each other;
          And with a look so piteous in purport
          As if he had been loosed out of hell
          To speak of horrors, he comes before me.

As if that was not enough, Ophelia continues with her graphic descriptions:

OPHELIA: He took me by the wrist and held me hard;
         Then goes he to the length of all his arm;
         And, with his other hand thus o'er his brow,
         He falls to such perusal of my face
         As he would draw it. Long stay'd he so;
         At last, a little shaking of mine arm
         And thrice his head thus waving up and down,
         He raised a sigh so piteous and profound
         As it did seem to shatter all his bulk
         And end his being: that done, he lets me go;

II, i, 76-83, 86-95

hahahahaha … I got these off here.
But most of all, think of the possibilities.

Whoever said that Shakespeare was boring??!! I’m having such a blast. ehehehehehehhehe.

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