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Lisi, Char, Clara, Sreyh and me booked place at Sha Villa on new year’s eve so that we could have a little class gathering for those who could make it. It was soooo nice to see them girls again. I haven’t really been contacting them for so long being away in oz and all but it felt so normal and nice again when we all met up, almost as if time froze between our JC days and now.
I enjoyed myself but was a little stoned out in the morning. haha. But it was still great fun.
Lisi and Char…
Char standing tall …
I arrived in the pouring rain. Was utterly drenched.
Clara points to the tremendous amount snacks we had.
Tis not easy taking a decent 4 pple pic without someone else’s help.
but we managed.
Char’s shoes matched the balloons.
Char, Lisi and Clara waiting for me while i was in Robinson’s fitting room trying on my burgundy front-clasp (which i bought fyi).
Then back to hotel to start preparing.
Lisi always looks so adorable. How kawaii.
At last the arrival of Jinhan and we get a group shot.
Sreyh was caught up but swung by in a jiffy.
Games …
And a 5, 4 , 3, 2, 1 countdown to the New Years.
What a blast.

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30th Dec Girlie Night

Ok so my gang and I (Rach, Mer, Shils, Denise, Jolyn) have been thinking about how to celebrate our 21st birthdays with Mer and me being away in oz, Denise busy with attachments, Rae and Shils with work and jolyn with all things else. So … we came to an agreement to spend a night in some posh hotel with one another. Some quiet girlie time all to ourselves.

Rachel won 4th prize in some lucky draw dinner thingy and off we bounded to Grand Copthrone Waterfront (i wonder if this is the right spelling…) to spend the night in one anothers’ arms.

It was just AMAZING. One of the funnest nights in my life.

Jolyn Denise and me
Rachel on the phone and Shils preparing our supper of instant noodles.
After filling our bellies, we decided to take some pictures.
While being normal and nicely posing at first, we moved onto a pillow fight.
Merleen’s real vicious you know.
This picture speaks for itself. Jolyn bouncing up and down in front while we were pillow fighting at the back and of course, our STC (st theresa’s convent) PE garb.
Snatching our presents.
Taking some bestest friends forever pictures.
And living by the true pink girlie oath.
Jolyn gave us a pretty flower hairtie each and we had a “what’s-your-flower-style?” segment.
Ah … tsk tsk … amatuers …
… Let the experts show you how its done.
After a game of Cadoo, it was time for us to get our beauty sleep.

And this marks our 21st bash.

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Zmin’s 21st

A little after Jingyi’s 21st, i went to Zmin’s …
I think a great part about being 21 myself is going to the parties held by all my friends. My normally empty schedule book is (for once in my life) filled with numerous activities and i feel so happy looking at the different colours marking the different festivities (yes the simple joys of the socially handicapped).

Anyway, i was off to Zmin’s and it was a nice comfy family affair held at the grandparent’s huuuuge place. Food comprised of yum buffetty stuff and home cooked goodies. It was such a warm occassion. I met up with a few collegues and checked out the hottest guy at the party (fyi: He’s the one in the orange top gnawing away).

A photo of some of my collegues…
Zmin and Moi!!
Zmin amidst the goodies
Hope you had a blast!

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Loy, Adrian and I were off to Ancient Civilisations Museum on Boxing day to catch two films that were being screened to remember the tsunami tragedy that happened last year. The screenings were free and being the cheapos that we were, the three of us trudged down there just for a look see. I quite liked the films but the sounds were a tad loud at times, blasting my ears off.

But what was nice too was the old heritage trails of all things singaporean. Although im no nationalist, i looooove the little trinkets that were on display there. Those immensely peranakan things, the nice victorian garb brought in by English Ladies, chinese tiffin carriers and all the other smaller things. I kinda spoilt this fishy game for a bit (eek) but fortunately for me no one noticed and it was repaired in no time (heehee).

So anyway here i come on a bumbling boat, taking in the first sights of Old Singapore.

These figures they had on display were immensely well done in my opinion, i can just imagine the sheer amount of effort these people put into making their figures. Wow.
There was also such close attention to detail too. so admirable!!
Town planning with Adrian and Aloy.

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My gang and i were invited to Jingyi’s 21st held at Costa Sands East Coast. It was super duper nice to meet up with all the girls we lost contact with and all. Mer Shils Rach and me went. Unfortunately, Jolyn had to prepare for Thailand and Denise was busy rushing a report so they couldnt go join in the fun. But the four of us went and there Rach, Mer, Shils met their old guiding friends and i got to see Jingyi and Xuefen, people that i thought i almost lost contact with. I was expecting awkward conversations on what we were up to and updates on studies, etc but to my pleasant surprise, conversations went smoothly and in no time at all, we were giggling like little school girls. How nice. I really enjoyed catching up with all the girls.

Thanks Jingyi for the opportunity to meet up and Happy 21st!

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King Kong

I went to watch King Kong and loved it so much!! It was a job well done to me.
Not only has Peter Jackson stayed true to Kong fans, he’s also done a great job reinventing the entire script, adding numerous other themes relevant to our society today.
i adore Kong so.
The Original King Kong
Movie goers went on a journey, a la peter jackson.

Meeting the New Kong…

Getting to know him…
Watching him battle the physical world, acknowledging him as King…
And then seeing him fight helplessly against our world …
But most of all, feeling his pain.
The legend lives on.

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Toilet tunes

I received a pretty cute pic in my email today.

Imagine having toilets like these in Singapore.

Ok so on the topic of toilets, why is it that Singapore’s toilets always stink so badly? It doesn’t make sense, we have the same type of toilet bowls, the same rentokill air diffusers, the same toilet paper dispenser, everything. Yet, the toilets here are uber horrible. So do we blame singaporeans in general or our horrid air humidity?
On another note, unisex toilets usually smell so much more horrid than female toilets. i haven’t been into male toilets enough (only 0ccasional accidental entries) to tell if it’s just a sex thing. But you can find out more about toilet gender debates over here.
Worse of all are MacDonalds toilets. I mean, consider this, MacDonald’s is always so particular about it’s branding and leaving a good impression on it’s customers, etc. So why do they not pay any attention to their stinky toilets?
All the same, as Mer never fails to remind me, “I’m made in Singapore, you’re made in Singapore, we’re all made in Singapore”, so i suppose i’m hardy enough to withstand the worst of toilet odours. But its always amazing to hang around nice toilets. In fact, i found a nice one yesterday. It’s located at Marina square. The toilets there are new, spacious and quite deserted. There’s also this huge, full length mirror and a concrete paved portion for females to place their bags or sit on. Mer and i sat there chatting for about half an hour. Yesh it was that nice. haha …

so you see, there’s hope yet for singaporean toilets.

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