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Char, Clara, Lisi, Sreyh and I decided to pop by Chinatown to check out the festivities.
Even though crowds are quite a drag and girls complain about being molested all the time, i can’t think of a better time to want to hang out in Chinatown. Smelling the familiar oily Chao tar goodies, peeling kuah chee/peanuts, gobbling free samples or having desserts are just some the things i want to do each time i go to Chinatown at this time of the year. Ironically, I never do go to Chinatown with my family because my mother reckons she’s going to be molested by the mobs of ah peks who make up the meagre few in the male population who find her attractive. As a result, Chinatown trips are usually made on the whim when some friend/s decide to brave the hoards of sweaty people and walk through fogs of BO just to get some unneeded later-to-be-thrown-away new year pinups.

Still … i really really enjoy Chinese New Year Chinatown and the crowds make it all the more festive.

I know this looks quite dumb but how can we not grow to like lightups like these. What a sense of nostalgia this brings. Really reminds me of those battery operated lanterns we used to carry as kids.
More Chinatown Lights.
My favourite place to just stand and admire. I just dig how they project the old movies onto the touched-up Majestic building. How cool is that. Sighest.
And then us girls hit the dessert stands (now stores)
First up, Sreyh and her strawberry ice thingy.

Me with my Orh Ngee. Btw, Char said it was made up of pork fat/lard and that sort of killed half my appetite but i slurped it down anyway. Someone please tell me if you know.

Lisi with her Mango ice.

Clara with peanut ice.

Char with her coconut ice.

We are all happy girlies.

After all, sugar and spice makes everything nice.

Ps: Version Lisi is Available here.


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Helloooo my Sweets.

Jolyn invited my usual gang to the Motorola Black Carnival held at DXO.

We went extra early to get those goody bags. There were quite a bit of things in there and i’m grinning from ear to ear about it. Here we were queuing outside.

The theme was “black and Gold” so while we all played it safe with mostly black, Merleen chose gold.
I was really tired that day and was too lazy to put on any makeup or my contacts. So there just slipped on my black top, levis and black gold earrings together with my black framed glasses. I didn’t really feel that out of place, maybe it was because i was too tired to notice anyway. heehee.

But no matter how tired i was, i still enjoyed the company of my bestest buds.
And… the fire show of course.

Ooooh looks so naruto don’t you think.

the finale before the fashion parade began.

A closeup of the whole process.


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Wedding Anniversary

My Mum and Dad got married on this day 22 years ago.

… But thats only part of the reason why i’m putting these up.
Now that i’ve got the wishing part out of the way, let talk weddings.

My mother complained to me that my father is a cheapskate (yeah even when they were pak-toring). When they were getting married, he didnt allow her to rent the nicer dresses outside. Instead, he made her tailor all the dresses she needed for the big day. He claims something along the lines of … “can keep what, isn’t it better?”. So then i asked my mother “isn’t it more ex to buy material and tailor rather than rent something?” and she was like “yah lah… how I know? Your father want like that then HAVE to follow his way, cannot argue one”. And i completely understand her pain. So looks like she didn’t get much of a say in that matter.

So anyway, i managed to scoop 2 photographs out and i just think it looks pretty good for that century. I mean here’s superimposition even before the photoshop era. My mother said the photographer did something like take the bouquet (yeah i thought it was a flower wreath too) then wind back and take the couple shot or something that would sound equally as complex to me. So anyway, i think this is super retro. ahahaha. its just cool in some way dont you think (nevermind you don’t have to agree).

So there they both are, in Chinese garden, a hot spot for wedding pics. I’ve seen almost 3 other couples who took pictures using the same background while filpping my granddad’s collection of pictures.

Now what is the big deal about weddings? Do we really need them? To me it’s just a legal protection for spouses and children if the love fails. Of course, i can think of many reasons why people would want to get married (love, children, religion, nosy relatives, loneliness, yadda yadda yadda). But at the same time, there are always marriages that happen for all the wrong reasons. If the couple works it out then fine, well and good, Jack gets Jill and naught goes ill. But if not, then it just means both fall down, break their crown and go tumbling over. Now that’s not a pretty sight.

But in saying that all, i’m sure we’ve all seen parents who have been able to stick it through, fights and all, while actually still loving each other dearly. That’s something i don’t yet understand. How can something as bountiful love, in all its passion and pain ever last that long? Most people tell me passion in love only lasts for 2 years at its peak. Specifially, that just means that the lovesickness coming from the butterflies in the tummy and the heart slamming against the ribs will cease to happen after two years. If so, then what comes after passionate love? I can imagine things like the love for the familiar, respect and need to protect the feelings of loved one, things like that. But really, this is something someone my age cannot fathom. So then it stuck me, Love is unfathomable (yeah took me long enough).

A good friend of mine once told me that “everyone has a different love story, no two stories are ever the same”. She’s right because we’re really different people inside and when two people are in love, that’s alchemy at it’s peak. Both elements accept and mix. They bubble for a bit, they steam, they crystalise in the beginning, and after a certain period of time, things just die down. But let us not forget, that these two elements have now become joined as one. Eureka … so you see, in that way. This is what love can do to people. They bubble and boil, sizzle, steam and might form new substances. But ultimately, they have become one and even though the fire dies down, they coexist. That’s how the answers to the most complex of questions can be found in nature itself. On the other hand, not all elements mix that well together. Water and Oil never mixes and if it does, it’s only after a series of complex processes. Which tells us two things, that firstly, some elements may not mix at all. However, as there’s hope yet, that is, even if these elements do not mix well that easily, if they’re willing to work it out, things might come out ok as well.

I like to think that my parents are more like oil and water. Both not giving in to one another that easily and being a very combustible combination. However, they’ve managed to work something out and after 22 years of marriage, they’ve almost mellowed. While i’m not saying that all marriages like that can work out, i applaud their effort. Finding someone suitable for you is very hard but if you do, you’re one lucky person. On the other hand, spending a lot of effort to work things out can be very emotionally exhausting but it also means the couple is more willing to spend that additional energy on each other. And that is amazing. So in that sense, while my dad may be a cheapskate and my mother thinks they’re worlds apart, they accept one another, warts and all and are willing to spend that extra effort to make things go well.

Now, i’m not posting some sappy success story. On the contrary, there’s always more stuff to work out. In that sense, marriage can never be brick strong, but in all it’s fragility, it offers one of the best rewards in life.

So Happy Anniversary Mum and Dad,
And … cheers to the many more to come.

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Hari Raya Haji

Good News:
Dee invited a group of us to her place for makan on Hari Raya Haji.
Her Mom cooked soooo many nice dishes. SUPER YUM.

Bad News:
My voice is only back in spurts. So i can’t really talk without sounding like
(Note- Caps=Voiced, Non caps=series of mouth actions)
“HAlow Are you all worKIng nOW?”
which means my poor little friends basically heard something along the lines of
“HA … A…KI … OW”
Not very good for communicating don’t you think.

As bad as that already seems. That wasn’t the worst part.

Watching my friends chomp on mouthfuls of chilli sauce coated Meesiam or Nasi Briyani (accompanied with a delightful amount of evenly coated kuah or curry) while i could only watch in envy was pure hell. So, gluttony got the better of me and i just ate ate ate. hahahaha.

So in the end i still enjoyed myself tremendously. Good Food and good company makes something festive like Hari Raya truly enjoyable.

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I can’t talk!!!

Oh me oh my …

I have lost *gasp* … my VOICE. completely too. Yesterday night i could still pronounce everything except for [u] and glottal sounds but today, oh my i woke up and it was completely … Gone. i couldn’t do anything but whisper and squeak. This is soooooo bad.

I am coughing non stop too. But that i can’t complain about. But my voice, oh my beautiful voice… it’s gone … completely and utterly gone. And the worst thing is that my grandma’s secretly giggling to herself about it because she gets to bully me and i can’t answer back. She’s doing all the nagging i never stayed home long enough to hear or used to defend myself on. Oh yesh … she’s making use of this opportunity to say everything. Oh well. Her divine right i suppose.
Merleen asked me to go to the doctors two days ago and i told her i thought i was going to be fine and tsk-ed at her being some medication nut somemore. But today when i lost my *wince* VOICE, i was screaming inside “Merleen!! why didn’t you drag me into some clinic while my voice was still functioning??!!” … but of course all that just comes up as a series of different toned squeaks, that is if i can venture long enough along that utterance without breaking into a coughing fit in the midst of it.

So yes … one of the biggest tragedies of my life is about to start. My voice is gone. I’m staying home and letting my grandma bully me. I can’t go out. Food is bland.

Oh … I hope i lose some weight from this, might make the pain more bearable.

Oh me oh my so poor my life.

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