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First things first.
Just a little announcement from me for the ASD (i think it’s the action for Singaporean Dogs).

There’s going to be puppies up for adoption so it’s going to be quite cute.

Secondly, Click on the play button on the video below coz it’s just tickles my funny bone.

“Jugg’s got jugs.”

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If you’re either one of the below.
  1. Free
  2. Have 3 mins to spare
  3. Are bored
  4. Want to do rubbishy things online
  5. All of the above
then you might want to click HERE.

and if you’re still game for more then click THIS too.

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Hello my cutes.

Once again its that time of the year again. Valentines day. All over the papers are headlines such as “V-day or D-day”, “Vday – time for lovers or an entrepreneurs dream come true?” blah blah blah.

Still i would like to take the opportunity to say Vday represents love of all sorts to me. It doesn’t just apply to the typical male female heterosexual relationships that dominate our teevee screens. Love is … well, simply love. There’s nothing to it but it makes life so worthwhile. Vday is a celebration of having love in the world. And i think that’s reason enough to celebrate.

Flowers are pretty things and the prettiest flowers are those that aren’t put in a bouquet. Don’t get me wrong i’m not against commercially sold flowers but the fact is that when you transpose something that looks wonderful swaying in the breeze into a bunch of paper and ribbon in a glass window, somethings just missing from it. It just gets too artificial for my liking.
How was my Vday? Puuuurrfect. i can’t think of a better way to spend it. I got to spend a bit of time with the people who made my life worth living. And i was a happy little bee.
So Hope everyone has had a Happy Valentine’s Day.

And as Shils was singing all day
“Loveeeee isssssss in the air, everywhere i go … oh yeaaaah”

Ps: Girls beware … this could happen to you.

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