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Quite a number of our friends have graduated and they’ve left us behind to finish up our last lap. Somehow, there’s just something bittersweet about graduations, while i do wish everyone all the best, a small part of me wants to live in the past, a past where there were more people to hang out with. All these coming and goings are part of life but its sad somehow that the familiar faces I see in school will no longer be here next semester.

All the same, i attended the comm studies graduations in Winthrop hall. And whilst the ceremony is pretty boring stuff, the place was stunning.

These pictures of Winthrop hall do not do justice to the majesty of the place.

And then the graduates.
soulmates for life.
Dee, who celebrated her birthday too. Liying next to her.

Smiley people

A comm studies picture (hence us other arts people being left out)

All of us just hanging around

The numerous happy people who got to gobble up finger food after the show.

An old friend.

Getting supper at Fast Eddy’s after the convocation.

Loy giving Orion one last hug.

So yes, my friends have graduated and tis time for us non graduates to get on with our lives.

Thats all for convos,
till the next graduation i attend (which will hopefully be mine),


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Hi All …

We celebrated Adrian’s Birthday today at KimChee House at Northbridge, where the food was good and the ambience was well … cosy enough. Adrian actually said he wanted to go to somewhere fancy but being the cheap students that we were, we settled for someplace relatively in between. Haha.

So here’s me peeping into Adrian’s card while Pam’s was animated talking away. Hee.
Sernwei, Sandy, Raymond and Allan on the table opposite due to space constrains.
Adrian was in the midst of saying something he got caught on camera.
Some Koreany Starters.
And our table had 8 portions of this. It was seriously yummy stuff.
So after the Korean fare, a bunch of hot, stinky and happy gluts made our way to Utopia for some cake-cutting and cool-down bubble tea. So here we are waiting for our bubble tea.
And the final cake cutting session, where Adrian was played a birthday song on the KTV big screen (for the whole restaurant to hear that is). Lets just say that this would count as one of the most unforgettable experiences Lil Adriany has ever had.
Most of All Happy 2_th Birthday Adriany!
You know we all still love you.

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Musuem Bazaar

Something i got in the mail today.
I want to go!! *whine*

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So yes …

i was talking about how i did quite a bit yesterday. Well, apart from just the Gig, i also got myself a little car. Hee. Actually it belongs to both Loy and me. He’s a 15 year old Toyota Corolla, god knows what model he is coz i left all the manual readings to Loy (*snigger*). As far as I’m concerned. He runs on unleaded petrol, is manually controlled and White in colour. The air con isn’t working and the radio seems a bit wonky, but that’s just expected of all old second hand cars. We got nice old ah Sam and Danie/al to check the main engine because both Loy and I aren’t really the experts in this area. They said so far the engine looks ok and i hope it continues to remain that way. So here are some pictures of the newest addition to my Perth home.

We gave him a good scrubbing down…
Greasing him insides and spraying him with water all over.
Pictures of His Lush interior … NOT … haha

Henceforth thou shalt be named Poseidon,
Go forth and accelerate.

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Hello. A lot has happened today but first things first.

I can finally say i’m no longer a virgin to Indie Rock Concert/Gigs. I went for my first ever Indie Rock concert in Perth and actually quite enjoyed it. It was a small affair (that means no mosh pits and things of those kind). The Gig was good because Broken Social Scene (the band i went ot watch) had very good stage presence, the energy level there was fantastic as well because the band was 14 member strong and that meant constant stage movement and rotations. The Guitar playing was sooooo cool as well and i loved the way the special effects were done. For such a huge band, the coordination was well planned out because each of the performers knew just when to begin playing or singing what note. I must say though that i am an amatuer to these “things” and anyone more experienced in these things are free to scoff at my superficial and apparent lack of exposure. hahaha.

Still … what matters most was that i had a great time!

The stage area wasn’t very big, with the swirly patterns being the stage background. The sofas were very lounge like and fun too really. But by the time the concert began, most people gravitated towards the open front area in the Verandah (that’s what the location was called).
There was also some mini stage thing at the back by the beer vendors.

This was how close we were to the stage …
Oh and we met Jill there too. How nice.
Perth Concert Hall at night.
Just to gain Shil’s Seal of approval of course.
Getting marked to enter.
Me taking a picture to mark my loss of indierock-ginity and Loy giving one of his numerous condescending looks …
And to remember the day by.

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Hello all.

I just realised that i haven’t put up my perth homecoming stuff. So here goes…

Wed 22nd Feb ’06

It was a terrible ordeal i tell you this flight back. It had disaster written all over it. I have never been soooo glad to get off a plane in my life as this time. Buuut … in saying that i’m too lazy to write all that happened so i’m stealing this off Loy’s blog.

“the flight back was a bitch. never had quite an ordeal like it. walked all the way to the end of the departure area to my gate and the security fella there says it’s been changed to a gate that’s on the other end of the fuckin’ place. so everyone has to fuckin’ hightail it to the other side and you do realise this is changi airport which is a huge ass place and not perth airport where one push on a skateboard would take you from departures to arrivals. then from the gate, when we finally got through cos there was this line of tired panting people who qualify for “i did changi departure lounge in 10″ t-shirts, we had to take a coach to the plane which is sitting out in the middle of nowhere. and so we board real classy and all up one of those staircases on a back of a truck and the plane’s air-conditioning is not on. like what gives? then i realise this 223 is not the same 223 i’ve been taking for the past 2 and 1/2 years. this one’s older and shit. then later finally after maybe 45 minutes delay, the plane takes off and the air-conditioning comes on, and it begins to get so cold you’d think frosty the snowman just farted big time. well, anyway, we got here and i had to go through the longest fucking line in customs just to declare 3 packets of sauce while adrian and mindy with more goods to declare than i have sail through other much shorter channels which had practically no line at all.”

So yes… i wasn’t the only unhappy one around. But i daresay, much of the ranting above was true. On top of which, Krisworld wasn’t able to run the two movies i wanted to watch. To make things worst, I actually caught a bad flu in the airport and had a terrible headache at night after the crazy temperature changes. But well … i survived to tell my tale.

Us looking out from the bus before arriving at the mini (and older) plane we were taking.
Other hot and not very happy people like us.
You can see it in their faces.
But of course, we always make the best of our situation …
Our first visitor for the night.
Oh well …
I am just glad to be at home in Perth. My house isn’t as roach infested as i imagined and most importantly, I met some old familiar paws on my way home. Oh yes … Oskar’s thinner now but just as naughty as before. We caught him taunting the cats next door and yet still being all sweet to me. Oh how can i not love him to bits.

This may have been as bad as bumboat rides were in history books. But hey, its getting us to wherever we want to go and the destination is all that matters for now.

Friday 24th Feb ’06

Its O-day again!! Also known as Orientation day for the freshies. But its also the day when droned out seniors like my friends and myself go check out the numerous booths to see what’s new or to collect the goodies they’re offering. This year’s goodie returns weren’t as good as last years. I mean last year we got caps that we never used and other coupons. This year my best grab was an ISS light keychain. Loy tried his luck with a spinning wheel to win a single album but he wasn’t as lucky as he would have liked to be. All in all, i joined quite a few clubs this year. Namely all the clubs i always wanted to join every year but didn’t. i figured that since this was my last semester here , i might as well do it now. haha. Better late than never. So i did join ISS (free), Solid Gold, UWA Anime Soc, MSU (for the Hello panda this time … last year i joined for the free keropok) and of course the Singapore Students Soc (for the makan discounts of course).

My goodie-collecting Kakis.

But of course. I never expected that the thing i got out of Oday was this …

An awfully bad sunburn. I am as Chao Tar as Roti Prata. And it’s not funny and quite painful actually. Worse of all, i think i can feel shallow burnt blisters coming up.


Oh me oh my so poor my life.

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