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Hello there big world.

I went for the fremantle street festival on Saturday Night and Sunday Afternoon and it pretty good i must say. It’s virtually free entertainment if you’re cheap enough to not give money to the buskers. And i must say, these buskers aren’t your ordinary run out of the mill blind keyboardist or juggling chakyak toting ah peks. They’re actually circus level performers as you will see in a bit.

So yes, fremantle was bustling with activity all easter weekend.

The roads were closed off.

And the easter service was held at an old freo chruch

There were street artists …

And the common face of freo weekends, matty blade.

There was the leather kilt wearing rock bagpipist called Cam McAzie.

And the angel from Angelic Kinetic Theatre we always see around anyway.

But there were also performers from all over the world.

Such as the “All-Star Skateboard” guy from Canada. All Star implying his rendition of the “shooting Star” where he jumps off a ramp and through a blazing star.

There was this duo called Unhinged Symphony who did an assortment of stunts/comedy and music playing.

Miss Judy, the hula hoopist.

The Bike boy …

Nick Nicholas the magician who was soo sooo funny.


The Street Beats Spectacular

And the ones i kept last because they were my favourite of all… the Duo Acro!!

And then i liked them even more…

Check out this guy on the top. He’s soooo cute. i tell you. Hot buns and to die for abs, not to mention those classic bad boy looks. Ooh. i hope he’s not gay.

Back Muscles … oh gosh i could have kept watching and watching and watching i tell you.

Smoking hot…

And by that, I was referring to the entire festival of course.

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So yes the holidays have begun.

Off i went to WA Salvage,

where any one can be a grass cutter.

Then to the good guys to look at blenders and buy our $5 toaster.

Before hitting the beaches.
Mmmm … free picnic bars taste absolutely wonderfully gooey.
I wish i came prepared (ie: combing hair and wearing less) … sigh.
and seafood by the sea… Mmm.

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We celebrated Sam’s birthday at Munch Terrace, where the Singaporean/Malaysian food was pretty authentic and scrump-a-licious. We didn’t plan a surprise at all this time after the drama of last year’s. Last year, we had a surprise party, in which we roped in Gabe (Sam’s housemate and KTV kaki), who passed us the keys to the house. So Gabe brought Sam back and all of us were hiding up in his place. However, Sam looked up and saw a shadow, afterwhich, he freaked out downstairs, wanting to call the police. We didn’t think Sam’s heart would take another blow like that and so this time, we settled for a Mocha cake from Miss Mauds and a quiet dinner in the city.

Happy Birthday Sam!!

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