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Expo Food Fair

Expo’s Asian Food Fair & the Annual Penguin Book Fair

So yes, the expo Asian food fair is here!
Lots of goodies along the way.

Actually, i discovered this by chance. While dragging my roomie with me to the Penguin book sale, i saw crowds of aunties and uncles streaming into one of the halls, and when i peeped in, all i saw were rows and rows of food stalls. Well, so like all Singaporeans, i had to go in to take in the sights, compare prices, get freebies and maybe buy some tea time snackeroos.

I was so enamoured by the food that i forgot to take pictures of the bookfair. Oh well.

Fried Gyoza/Wantons

Too many Thai things …


Fried Foods…


Some Veggie crisp thing

Steamed Hairy Crabs

normal Crabs, Crayfish and something else i can’t remember.

By far the mose intriguing thing i chanced upon during the fair, bamboo clams.

Crispy Chicken pieces.

Pork Knuckle … i think


So good even ah peks love it.

My favourite Slurpy Mango jelly drink!

Dim Sim things.

Chilli Crab



Kong Bak Paos

Bak Kwas

And lastly, pictures of me greedily awaiting/eating those free samples.

So yes, the food was nice.

But all in all, if you’re wondering, i did finally get to the bookfair, and i am the proud owner of some Ovid, Hanif Kureishi, Banana Yoshimoto, Tan Hwee Hwee and Neil Gaiman books.
And yes, the books were good too.

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Right now, I’m about to blog one of my most mundane and irrelevant entries ever.

Really, its an entry to mark two things…

Firstly, that I like superhero tee shirts, and these have become so vintage cool in Singapore.
Secondly, that I am safely back in ole Sunny Singapore.

So yes, i like Superhero tee shirts, and i like Singapore.
Ooh looks like there’s something those two things share in common right there.
i always surprise myself with my genius-ity. hurhur.

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