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GirlBuds Gathering

My best JC girl buds and i met up recently for makans at Marrakesh (Gawd knows if i got the spelling right with all those squiggly lines around the restaurant’s signboard).

The food there was actually pretty good and the cocktails were absolutely yummy. To me, the place was evidently some Indianized spin-off version of Harry’s, but all done up in good taste. The only drawback though was that they didn’t serve dessert there. But Sreyh made sure our grievances were aired when she evil-eyed the unfortunate waiter and asked in utmost shock “what do you mean you don’t serve dessert here?!”. All the same, we made our way to
Brewerks nearby to satisfy our lusty appetites for anything desserty, and were a satisfied bunch by closing time.

Hence, the “fours and sometimes five” of us enjoyed candy coloured food, sweet desserts, pretty dresses, glowy lights and most of all … each other’s company, something we haven’t had for quite some time.

Gosh, we ought to reprise our sex in the city reruns coz nothing beats watching Carrie/Samantha/Charlotte/Miranda with Clara, Sreyh, Charlotte and Lisi.


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My Girlies

The Loves of my Life
My girlfriends have finally finished exams and we can finally find a bit of time to meet up.

Shils kickstarts the celebration with an annual little accident, which coincidentally makes her late. This time, it involved the NTU library borrowing machine, which ripped the plastic off her card. Afterwhich, she put her cashcard and nets card in thinking that it might work if she put in extra cards. After bouts of patient tappings, coaxings and occasional kicks made onto the evil machine, the library lady took pity on her and came to her rescue, trying to dig out the cards using an ice cream stick. But her cards were ruined as you shall see below.

Now, don’t laugh at little shilsy. Her story really serves as a lesson to us technologically challenged people.

Well, so Shils finally made it and we all had dinner at last. At night, Mers drove to The Cathay picturehouse for some Ben & Jerry’s. There we took a couple of pictures before making our way down to the 24 hour Mr Bean cafe.

Meet the Berleens

Us and us again !!!
Rach is in China now but we can’t wait for her return

It’s so nice to be home, being with them reminds me of why i absolutely love Singapore.

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I went to Malacca with my Grand uncle and my father for a 3 day trip down to my roots of origins, and to rekindle the Peranakan in me. There were many nice shops in town but i was too bent on looking at things that i forgot to take pictures. But these were the few that i took while i was bored.

In the car, going across the causeway into Johor.


Food upon reaching Malacca

My uncle’s house.

The travelling Market

My companion when bored.

My new furry friend

I wonder how she is right now, and i miss her so.
If only i could bring her back with me…

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Ikea Tampines

Recently, I was forced to make a trip down to Ikea Tampines, yes the new one that had just opened its cellophane wrapped doors to the Singaporean public.

Now, why was I forced?

The story goes as follows … I shipped back 160kg worth of books, notes and clothes back to Singapore this year. So that when next year would hopefully be a breeze (fingers crossed that i don’t accumulate another 160 over the course of 5 mths next sem). Well, but the majority of these were books and they simply would not fit into my old shelves.

So i made a trip down to the Alexander’s Ikea, planning to buy a few bookcases. There, i fell in love with the red coloured billy bookshelves but when i planned to purchase them, the lady there told me they were all out, and that the next shipment would be due around min-Jan. I was crushed to hear that because it meant that the books would stay alphabetically ordered on my floor, making it so hard to get the book i want without making the stack fall to pieces around me.

Yet …
being the bright spark in shopping that i am, the auntie in me rose to the occassion. So, i called Ikea Tampines on the Friday 30th November, the day it decided to officially open its doors to the public. And to my utmost joy, they said those red billy bookcases, that i was so dying to have, were in stock.

So off i skipped off in my lil red tee, red cardi, red trim shorts, red flats, red glasses, reddish bag and matching handphone case. That was a bit of an overkill of course, but i thought, what better way to celebrate my finally getting those red shelves than a reddish extravaganza.

To my horror, the rain came pouring down like the heavens decided to turn a huge bucket over just when i stepped out of my house. But I perservered on, trugging all the way to Bukit Batok Mrt station. When i finally got to Tampines MRT station (with Mr Sun all bright and shiny), people were queuing like mad for the bus. As i hadn’t expected such a big turnout (I mean, there is another ikea what?!), i didn’t know what buses to take there. So… i had to join “THE QUEUE”. Then yes, after over an hour, it was finally my turn to get up the bus and zoom off to Ikea. I was still in high spirits as stormy seas of water and people cannot keep me from those shelves. Yet, as i got to outside ikea, people were streaming in from every corner, everyone eager to get a glimpse of the new ikea.

There were stairways but people were too desperate to get in that they chose to climb up those steep sandy mounts that Singapore is so fond of making.

So after they scaling mini bukit timah hill (which i would never do, no matter how desperate i got), the crowds of people joined me in a huge queue to actually get into the Ikea building. Like baby turtles, we let ourselves be hurried along by the currents of queue lines and finally got into the building. HURRAH.

Inside was another adventure all together. There were crowds of people at every corner. And to cut the long story short, i had to queue to ask where the shelves were kept, then queue to get someone to remove the shelves from the factory shelves in Ikea into my trolley, then i had to queue to pay, then queue to get these shelves transported, then queue to get my free cake, and queue to get myself my Ikea friends card, and later queue for a hotdog and curry puff for dinner… before queueing to get on the free shuttle bus to some MRT to get home.

So it was 11 at night by the time i reached home. So much for what i had thought would be some short shopping trip. I mean … i knew exactly what i wanted, and yet it took that long.

Gosh … I’ve never queued so much in my life. But i suppose all that was worth it, when i see how happy my books look on my new shelves.


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