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Choose your Kill

I was in little India recently and made my way to Tekka Mall. There, the sights of Sheng Siong Supermarket awaited me. As always, there were numerous things available, and cheaply too. I think this just might top our trade union NTUCs and now merged Shop and Save/Cold Storage in terms of things available.

Ok … so business issues aside, there was just one thing i cannot feel comfortable about in buying food from markets. And that is the choose and kill procedure most housewives pride themselves in doing. Fishes in moss filled tanks, prawns squirming around in buckets, Crabs in a cell-like enclosures, but the saddest of all are those frogs … which are just left together, and who stare at us blankly.

Frogs for eats

The sight just kills me because i always felt it was too personal to just choose something to kill and eat. All the same, i may rant about these things but I’m not one to stop eating the things I adore just because i think its cruel. I think the only time I might have done so, and successfully too, might be my not eating sharks fin or Bird’s nest. But I can’t remember if it was also conveniently because i never liked those delicacies in the first place. hurhur. Even so, at seafood restaurants and the such, I really cannot bear to choose to end the life of a “selected” creature. Most of my family and friends try to make me look at it another way, that is, these fishes et al would die eventually, either through my choice, or through someone else’s, so we might as well end up with the better of those fishes for dinner. Well… They do have a point. And the Kiasu Auntie in me says “yeeesss … value for money you know!!”.

Still, I cannot bring myself to do it that way. Its simply too personal. Choosing a piece of meat is simply a choice of the best of a pile of carcasses, but choosing an actual live creature is really an active choice to end the life of a fellow earthly being (Note: Only applies to one that i can find myself liking … Cockroaches, beetles and other insectly things DO NOT count).

I suppose I’ll grow out of this soon enough, the auntie in me will take over and I won’t feel a thing about it next time. But until then, I’m always going to be taking my pick from the choice range of carcasses available.


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