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Nerds Gone Wild!

I was at Empire Toys recently and i picked up one of these mags, then quickly shoved it into my roomy tote for fear of being geeked out.

But when i took it home for closer inspection, this mag is totally hilarious. And to top it on the geek-o-meter, its available online for downloads. So if you’re bored and want something to read, try it. It’s geekchic.

I’ll leave you with a comment by one of the readers.

“Jesus H.G. Christ I need this magazine! I’ve pulled/sprained something from the hilarity – it hurts like shit and i want more. I haven’t laughed so hard since I found out that you can watch the entirety of Galaxy Quest in the Thermian.

I will remember this day as a close call – I almost died … I almost died from it … Please give me more. Where do I get it? I found it at work (bookshop), someone left it … probably because they had to be taken away by the paramedics.

If I don’t get another I will surely die. And how do I get the back issues? I need them and I need to give them to friends. Now please excuse me I must change out of some soiled clothes.”

– Matt

So yes, be prepared to unleash your inner nerd.


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